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    I saw this name in a blog...

    And I'm really smitten by it. Laureline. I've never heard it before but, something about it caught my eye and now everytime I say it I fall even more in love with it. I do want to be sure that I am pronouncing it right, so, how would you pronounce it?

    Do you like the combination Laureline Dacy or Laureline Jean better, or at all?

    Dacy (day-see) and Jean are both family names.

    Also, I went to the "check out a name" box and type in Laureline and it was not found.

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    Re: I saw this name in a blog...

    Lovely name. I would say it lo-ruh-LEEN and think it's nicest with Jean.

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    Re: I saw this name in a blog...

    I don't mind how it sounds, but it does border on seeming to be a "made-up" name. I do not like Jean as a middle name. I like Dacy better.

    Would you pronounce it
    Laur -a - line (like Caroline) or
    Laur -a- lean

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    Re: I saw this name in a blog...

    Looks like someone submitted it to

    I like it alright, though I'm not sure whether it's made up. If you like the long "i" sound, there's also Lorelei, which is more recognizable (to me anyway).

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    Re: I saw this name in a blog...

    It was actually listed in today's nameberry blog entry:

    which seems to have been referenced from a/the? French livre de prenoms. The name Laureline on the list is not linked within this site as a legitimate entry and is not listed as an international variant of Laura or Laurel, however. It's just my opinion but I think Laurel is a good enough name that doesn't need to be longer, but the name Laureline seems to be legitimate French alt. I prefer just Laurel or Lorelei. Laureline is gilding the lily, or actually the laurel.

    It reminds me of my sister named Lauren whom my grandmother addressed birthday cards to Laureen for several years after she was born. I also think Laureline can start to sound like Lurline. Just an advance warning, if you want to call it that. I also once knew a Laurain. I know my sister when she didn't think her name was fanciful enough wished her name was actually Lorraine spelled like Laurain, because that girl was so cool. At least when we were young, it was just an old lady name, but now Lorraine might be cool again, who knows.

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