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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    I love Mina the best.

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    definitely Winnie...if it's not too much trouble, maybe your father can adopt a different nickname (so his is still unique)...and then you get both!!

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    Mina is excellent. Wilhelmina is a fine name, be happy.

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    Thank you everyone for all the suggestions, you are all very wonderful! It seems there is quite a bit of new mommy after-naming angst on the boards the last few days!! I really appreciate your input, and I also took to heart some advice given to the other new mommies who are still deliberating their newborn's names.
    I don't remember who, but someone suggested that one of the moms give each name she was cosidering a two-day test drive. I tried it myself, and guess what? One stuck- and big time!! It wasn't the one that got the most endorsement, but it is the one that has been in my heart all along... we are calling her Minka!
    I mourned this name everytime I thought I had decided on one of the other names. The other options are all so precious, but my heart jumped the time I found the name Minka in a name book when I was pregnant. I was reminded of a story that my son and I heard at our library's story time with a character named Minka, and how that named warmed my heart (but at the time, we didn't plan to have any more children, so I didn't consider it as a name I might use until I read it again in the name book) I like unusual names, and thought it so fortunate that such a distinct and unique name was on the list of nicknames for our Wilhelmina! I was then swayed by a couple of people who felt otherwise. Why did I do that? It's so unlike me! Maybe because I was going against the grain already with Wilhelmina. I have since decided that I would likely regret not going with my first instinct. I've called her Mina for the most part (since it was simple and obvious) since she was born, but it just never stuck. I called her Winnie for the last two days, and while it's charm continued to grow on me, I was still undecided. Plus, my dad seemed a tad disapointed when I told him I was thinking about using it (since it is his special name for her). I called her Minka all day today, and a funny thing happened... she became Minka! The moment I realized it I was so happy I cried!
    Thanks again for taking the time to give advice to a crazy homonal lady like myself!! You guys are all so sweet and helpful! I'm so glad there is a place for us name enthusiasts!! Kindred spirits...

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    Minka is so cute that could be shortned to Mia also! congrats!

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