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Thread: Hansley

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    Re: Hansley

    I don't care for it. The only way I can only picture as it as first name is on an old man at a country club. For a nn though I guess Annie could work.

    Though I only really like the popular Hannah, here are some similar names I like better:

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    Re: Hansley

    I agree, and I think we are bordering on cute made up names disguised as family surnames that are suitable for girls. If your name is Hansen, I don't have a problem with that as a middle name in full, it doesn't have to be feminized or invented or played around with.

    Example: My paternal grandmother gave both her daughters surnames in the middle, one after a family friend's surname (also works as a boy's first name), and the other, her own maiden name, not very feminine at the time and not really today either, so far. This was after she named 2 boys already and gave them regular first and middle names, although the older son was named after his father and another relative.

    Also see other suggestions that already present a sense or established variation of Hansen.

    Maybe Hansel (also a boy's name, but it is a little soft - when I was little, I could never remember which was Hansel and which was Gretel, they both sounded like girls names to me).

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    Re: Hansley

    when I say Hansley it sounds a lot like "handsey"

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    Re: Hansley

    I understand the meaning behind the name, but Hansley has that "yooneek" name/invented name feel to me, too. I'm sorry. :-( It sounds and looks like a hybrid of Hannah and Ainsley or Paisley to me.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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