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    Re: "A" my name is...

    I my name is Ilse and my sister's name is Imani. We live in Ireland and ignore idiots.

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    Hi, my name is Jack, my wife's name is Jen, we live in Jefferson (Colorado) and we juggle jewelry

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    Hi, my name is Kira, my husband's name is Kellan, we live in Korea and we keep kissing :p

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    "L", my name is Leslie (it really is!), & my niece Lucy and I love living lakeside!
    In current favor of...:
    Boys: Ian, John, Lincoln
    Girls: Marin, Lena, Mareina

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    M my name is Margot and my mother's name is Mallory. We live in Martha's Vineyard and we melt marshmallows!

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