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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    The little girl I babysit said that when her mom had the baby, she (the little girl, she's 5) would name her Jasmine (like the princess) Veronica (like the little girl's mn). I asked what if it were a boy, and she said her brother would name it Racecar. So Jasmine Veronica or Racecar. Poor child. Luckily, the mother didn't take the little girl's suggestions seriously! It made sense though. The little girl liked Aladdin and the little boy liked Cars!
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    Re: What would your kids name their babies?

    Daisy (10) - Says it depends on the season. In spring she'd name a girl Violet and a boy Tyler. In summer she'd name a girl Summer and a boy Austin. In the fall, she'd name a girl Ruby and a boy Martie, and in winter a girl would be Sara and a boy would be John.

    Dalton (8) - Kevin for a boy, Charlie for a girl. It'd be short for Charlotte.

    Thomas (8) - Thomas for a boy, Lauren for a girl (Lauren's the name of the girl in his class that he likes)

    Faith (5) - Either Carly or Charlie for a girl... she doesn't want any boys, lol
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    Kenton {6} likes Slate (don't know where he got that from) for a boy and Kelsey (the name of his cousin, my neice) for a girl
    Harper {3} loves Puppy for a boy and insists that she will name her daughters Mousey and Cookie
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    i dont have any children but i asked my 5 year old brother Oisin what he would name them and he said for a boy Ben , Jack , Shea, Evan , Ironman , Felix or Ralph & for girls Gwen , Doc , Minnie , Daisy , Cara or Vanellope
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    i am a 16 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    (25/06/98) or some people use (06/25/98)

    i will be using my ipad 2 or iphone 4s for this so i might have some typing errors

    i love alot of names , too many to write down haha !!!

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    My little niece, Sophia likes:

    Starly (no idea where she got this)
    Matt (for a girl.)
    Peanut (yes, a real name)

    Q (just Q.)

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