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Thread: CAF

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    Dec 2009
    DH: Desmond Day
    DW: Eliza Ninette

    DD/DD: Aida Niobe / Thea Leto
    DS: Ronan Day
    DS/DD/DS: Blaise Rowan/ Saba Hermione / Wright Charles
    DD: Inna Mnemosyne
    puppy: Kit Pascal
    cat: Vix Yancy

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    Jul 2011
    Katie Charlotte.

    "and when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found, if you believe in me I'll still believe"

    listography / ask

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    Apr 2012
    DH: Declan Dean
    DW: Esme Noelle

    DD/DD: Aria Natalia / Tessa Lauren
    DS: Rayce Declan
    DS/DD/DS: Brady Rhett/ Shaylee Hope / Wilson Clark
    DD: Isabel Mia
    puppy: Krypto
    cat: Vivi
    My Ever-Changing Eclectic Little List:
    ♫ Alexander, Alec, Camden, Dominic, Jude, Maverick, Theo, Wesley♫
    ✿ Aria, Claire, Estella, Isabelle, Jemima, Marin, Piper, Rosalie ✿

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

    Vote on some of my names here:

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    Nov 2011
    Slytherin Common Room
    DH: Dimitri David
    DW: Elena Nathalie

    DD/DD twins: Alessandra Noel / Tatiana Lorelei
    DS: Romeo Dawson
    DS/DD/DS triplets: Brendan Roman / Sienna Holly / Westley Cristiano
    DD: Ivana Meredith
    Puppy: King of Pendelton (Pen)
    Cat: Vitani Yvaine
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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