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    CAF with Generations

    A simple Generation Caf
    LN: Your choice
    DH(87): Henry Richard Charles John Edward Walter
    DW(85): Beatrice Rose Alice Mary Gertrude Bernice

    DS(61): Philip Thomas Albert George Michael William
    DS(59): Charles Samuel Robert David Neil Frederick
    DD(56): Catherine Susannah Caroline Jane Cynthia Elizabeth
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DW(60): Sylvia Beverly Noreen Maureen Susan Genevieve

    DD(33): Emily Caroline Alexandra Molly Abigail Claire
    -DH(35): Theodore Oscar Brian Matthew Michael Benjamin
    --DD(4): Quinn Harlow Lucia Cora Olivia Etta
    --DD(3): Adaline Zara Stella Eloise Isabelle Sophia
    --DD(NB): Emerson Sierra Ava Clementine Schuyler Maxine
    DS(31): Daniel Philip Gregory Spencer Christopher Edward
    -DW(28): Laila April Nicole Deena Ashley Allison
    --DS(2): Maxwell Drew Tyson Sawyer Hudson Collin
    --DS/DD(exp): Dashiell Lincoln Ford Sayer Thatcher Reece //Willa Avery Rowan Brooklyn Chloe Everly
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DW(56): Ellen Lisa Kristen Holly Nadine Marielle

    DD(30): Amanda Lauren Jamie Chelsea Megan Kelly
    -DH(32): Patrick Declan Eamon Seamus Michael Rafferty
    --DS/DS(2): Declan Callum Rafferty Colin Jack Liam/Beckett Ronan Kieran Finnian Owen James
    --DD(1): Lila Aurora Brigid Ainslinn Kiera Grace
    DD(28): Courtney Melanie Jillian Heather Leah Brittany
    -DH(28): Rhett Gregor Lloyd Sebastian Chester Edward
    --DS(exp): Atticus Draper Ledger Felix Carlisle Holden
    DD(25): Madeline Hayley Samantha Sarah Emma Paige
    -DBF: Gregory Michael Travis Justin Nicholas David
    --DS(NB): Asher Beau Jasper Cash Colton Elliott
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DH(58): George Scott Geoffrey Thomas Simon Robert

    DS(29): Harrison Hayes Harvey Hugh Daniel David
    -DW(27): Camille Lydia Hope Felicia Bethany Danielle
    --DD(5): Darcy Hollis Anniston Story Khloe Isabelle
    --DD(3): Alla Lillith Audra Bea Philomena Violaine/Adaline Ireland Calla Cressida Aria Blaise
    --DS(2): Cabot Gable Reiner Fraiser Field Everett
    --DD(exp): Ruby Luna Belle Pearl Piper Juliet
    DS(27): Hunter Henry Hayden Thomas Timothy Taylor
    DD(22): Hannah Hillary Hope Alexis Alannah Amanda

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    A simple Generation Caf
    LN: Mopsik
    DH(87): Charles Edward
    DW(85): Beatrice Rose

    DS(61): Philip William
    DS(59): Robert Samuel
    DD(56): Catherine Elizabeth
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DS(61): Philip William
    DW(60): Beverly Maureen

    DD(33): Emily Caroline
    -DH(35): Matthew Oscar
    --DD(4): Etta Harlow
    --DD(3): Zara Eloise
    --DD(NB): Ava Maxine
    DS(31): Spencer Edward
    -DW(28): Ashley Nicole
    --DS(2): Sawyer Hudson
    --DS/DD(exp): Ford Thatcher//Chloe Avery
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DS(59): Robert Samuel
    DW(56): Lisa Nadine

    DD(30): Chelsea Amanda
    -DH(32): Patrick Michael
    --DS/DS(2): Callum Rafferty/Owen Finnian
    --DD(1): Lila Grace
    DD(28): Brittany Jillian
    -DH(28): Rhett Gregor
    --DS(exp): Ledger Holden
    DD(25): Hayley Paige
    -DBF: Justin Travis
    --DS(NB): Colton Elliott
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DD(56): Catherine Elizabeth
    DH(58): Thomas George

    DS(29): Harrison David
    -DW(27): Lydia Camille
    --DD(5): Hollis Story
    --DD(3): Audra Violaine/Adaline Cressida
    --DS(2): Cabot Gable
    --DD(exp): Juliet Luna
    DS(27): Hunter Thomas
    DD(22): Hannah Alexis

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    LN: Conroy
    DH(87) Henry John
    DW(85): Mary Alice

    DS(61): Albert Micheal
    DS(59): Samuel Charles
    DD(56): Catherine Elizabeth
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DS(61): Albert Micheal
    DW(60): Genevieve Susan

    DD(33): Abigail Caroline
    -DH(35): Benjamin Brian
    --DD(4): Lucia Quinn
    --DD(3): Eloise Sophia
    --DD(NB): Clementine Ava
    DS(31): Spencer Daniel
    -DW(28): Allison Ashley
    --DS(2): Hudson Maxwell
    --DS/DD(exp): Dashiell Reece and Chloe Rowan
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DS(59): Samuel Charles
    DW(56): Holly Nadine

    DD(30): Megan Chelsea
    -DH(32): Declan Rafferty
    --DS/DS(2): Callum Jack and Owen James
    --DD(1): Brigid Keira
    DD(28): Jillian Leah
    -DH(28): Rhett Sebastian
    --DS(exp): Carlisle Ledger
    DD(25): Emma Paige
    -DBF: Travis Gregory
    --DS(NB): Colton Beau
    __________________________________________________ _____________________
    DD(56): Catherine Elizabeth
    DH(58): Thomas Scott

    DS(29): Hayes Daniel
    -DW(27): Hope Bethany
    --DD(5): Hollis Isabelle
    --DD(3): Lillith Bea and Aria Adaline
    --DS(2): Everett Cabot
    --DD(exp): Luna Pearl
    DS(27): Hunter Timothy
    DD(22): Hillary Alexis

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    LN: Abbott

    DH [87] Henry Walter
    DW [85] Rose Beatrice

    DS [61] George William
    DS [59] Robert David
    DD [56] Elizabeth Jane "Beth"


    DS [61] George
    DW [60] Genevieve Susan "Ginny"

    DD [33] Molly Claire
    -DH [35] Theodore Michael "Teddy"
    --DD [4] Lucia Harlow "Lucy"
    --DD [3] Eloise Stella
    --DD [nb] Sierra Clementine
    DS [31] Spencer Philip
    -DW [28] Laila Ashley
    --DS [2] Maxwell Collin
    --DS/DD [exp.] Thatcher Reece/Willa Brooklyn


    DS [59] Robert
    DW [56] Ellen Nadine

    DD [30] Megan Chelsea
    -DH [32] Seamus Patrick
    --DS/DS [2] Liam Jack/Owen James
    --DD [1] Grace Kiera
    DD [28] Leah Jillian
    -DH [28] Chester Sebastian
    --DS [exp.] Atticus Holden
    DD [25] Paige Madeline
    -DBF [24] Travis Justin
    --DS [nb] Elliott Asher


    DD [56] Beth
    DH [58] George Thomas

    DS [29] Harrison David
    -DW [27] Camille Felicia
    --DD [5] Darcy Isabelle
    --DD/DD [3] Lillith Bea/Aria Ireland
    --DS [2] Cabot Fraiser
    --DD [exp.] Piper Ruby
    DS [27] Henry Taylor
    DD [22] Hannah Alexis

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    The Sommers Family

    DH [87] Charles Walter Sommers
    DW [85] Rose Beatrice {Sciutto} Sommers

    DS [61] Thomas Michael Sommers
    DS [59] Samuel Charles Sommers
    DD [56] Caroline Elizabeth {Sommers} Maharay


    DS [61] Thomas Michael Sommers
    DW [60] Genevieve Sylvia {Flynn} Sommers

    DD [33] Molly Alexandra {Sommers} Loedel
    - DH [35] Benjamin Theodore Loedel
    - DD [4] Harlow Olivia Loedel
    - DD [3] Zara Isabelle Loedel
    - DD [nb] Sierra Clementine Loedel

    DS [31] Christopher Edward Sommers
    - DW [28] Allison Nicole {Boyer} Sommers
    - DS [2] Sawyer Maxwell Sommers
    - DS/DD [exp] Lincoln Reece Sommers / Rowan Chloe Sommers


    DS [59] Samuel Charles Sommers
    DW [56] Kristen Nadine {Spencer} Sommers

    DD [30] Lauren Amanda {Sommers} Key
    - DH [35] Patrick Declan Key
    - DS/DS [2] Jack Callum Key / Kieran Beckett Key
    - DD [1] Grace Aurora Key

    DD [28] Jillian Leah {Sommers} Duke
    - DH [28] Rhett Sebastian Duke
    - DS [exp] Felix Atticus Duke

    DD [25] Sarah Madeline Sommers
    - Dbf [27] Travis David Hyland
    - DS [nb] Colton Elliott Hyland


    DD [56] Caroline Elizabeth {Sommers} Maharay
    DH [58] Scott Robert Maharay

    DS [29] Hugh Daniel Maharay
    - DW [27] Camille Hope {Gatta} Maharay
    - DD [5] Story Anniston Maharay
    - DD/DD [3] Lillith Violaine Maharay / Calla Adaline Maharay
    - DS [2] Field Everett Maharay
    - DD [exp] Pearl Juliet Maharay

    DS [27] Hayden Thomas Maharay
    DD [22] Hope Alannah Maharay
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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