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Thread: Final Four

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    Final Four

    My husband and I are having our first child, a baby girl due in early May, and after much debate have finally narrowed it down to our favorite four names. Well, I have. I had more but these are the ones he says he can live with. We are keeping it a secret from our family because we do not want anyone spoiling the names that we have finally compromised on and love. So here they are, any opinions will be welcome seeing as how I cannot ask for anyone else's.

    Ariella Rose
    Thea Belle
    Roselyn Clara
    Clio Marie

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    Re: Final Four

    Congratulations! Are you hoping to get to one before you have her? Or a top two until you get to meet her and then decide which fits her?

    Ariella Rose
    this is beautiful. Unique but with a classic feel and I don't think you will have pronounciation problems, however she may have to spell Ariella for people, but you have to spell Kelly/Kellie/Kelley and many other more common names also!

    Thea Belle cute but not my style. To me it fits a child and a grown woman but not a teen/20 something as well.

    Roselyn Clara I absolutely love this, my hands down favorite of your names. Again, classic but updated. This will be beautiful and has nickname potential to suite her style as she grows.

    Clio Marie, I prefer Cleo spelling but kind of like Thea, just not really my style.
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    Re: Final Four

    Just for fun, some you may like but haven't considered:

    Gwen (or Gwenneth)
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Final Four

    I like them all, but Roselyn Clara is the standout! Absolutely beautiful!
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    Re: Final Four

    Roselyn Clara is my fave too - so pretty!

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