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    Re: Nature name for Rowan's sibling.

    Thank you so much for your responses! I'll have to run your ideas by my husband and see what he thinks! :)
    Calla is the name we've chosen for our first girl, whenever she may come along: it was my great grandmother's name and obviously follows the nature trend! I love it!

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    Re: Nature name for Rowan's sibling.

    Calla is so beautiful, Dove, and how lucky you are to have a relative with the name! When I read about your theme, Calla immediately came to mind. It's perfect! :-) I LOVE Rowan and Calla. Callum would be a great male alternative for Calla.

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    Re: Nature name for Rowan's sibling.

    Found more C-boys for you:
    Calder, brook or stream, boy
    Callen, sparrow hawk, boy.
    Camden, winding valley, boy.
    Clifford, cliff at river crossing, Boy.
    Colwyn a river in Wales, boy. (Nn Wynn?)
    Corbin/Corbett, raven, boy.
    Cowan, hillside hollow, boy.
    Cromwell, winding spring, boy.

    Ackerly, meadow of oak trees, boy or girl.
    Adair, oak tree ford, boy or girl.
    Adler, eagle, boy.
    Trayton, town full of trees, boy.
    Talbert, bright valley, boy.
    Talcott, cottage near the lake, boy.
    Stroud, thicket, boy.
    Stafford, riverbank landing, boy
    Sheridan, wild, boy.
    Radley, red meadow of reeds, boy
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