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    Short CAF with Namebanks

    (All names taken from the ticker)

    DH: Clinton Alexander Wiley Arjun Colt Micah Makai
    DW: Seraphina Genevieve Holiday Marin Juniper Delphine Melody

    DD: Ophelia Lydia Adela Luna Anatalya Monique Aria
    DD: Kieran Kora Aeron Susannah Irina Magdalen Finley
    DS: Callum Bentley Lucian Everett Peyton Hudson Kylan
    DD/DD/DD: Mae Cosima Zera Delia Egypt Lilibeth Nyx Becca Astrid Daenerys Keeva Sasha Arielle Amina Wren Maris Zarina Keira Bellamy Orleanna Luella Hannah

    My results:

    DH: Makai Alexander "Kai"
    DW: Juniper Seraphina "Juni"

    DD: Anatalya Ophelia "Talya"
    DD: Aeron Finley "Aer"
    DS: Kylan Peyton "Ky"
    DD/DD/DD: Lilibeth Keira/Daenerys Wren/Orleanna Nyx "Lili/Dae/Lea"
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