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    bng im new to this

    you can pick any combination u like e.g all natural adoption step kids any thing you like but you have to have 14 kids hope you have fun
    heres mine
    11 natural 3 adopted

    1. davey jorrin wyatt (dj)
    2. alek-zanda james curtis and ari oliver (zanda and ollie)
    3. caidyn jarrah (cj)
    4.kenzie macca (macca)
    6.benjiman frasier (benji)
    7.sampson carlton (sammy)
    8. lachlan keaton (locke)
    9. lucas izayah (luckie)
    10.tillison killara and tahlia kyrrah (tilli and tahli)

    1.malachi diego (diego)
    2. jaxon joaquin (joaquin)
    3.melena gabriella (mel)

    dj, zanda, ollie, cj, macca, benji, sammy, locke, luckie, tilli, tahli, diego, joaquin, mel

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    Re: bng im new to this

    1. Logan Jay - big blue eyes and curly blond hair.
    2 and 3. Charleigh Mae and Ella Shae - big blue eyes and red/blonde hair Charleigh straight and Ella wavy....some freckles across noses.
    4 and 5 Lilly Belle and Jarrod Kobe. Brown eyes and light brown hair...both short and straight.
    678 Jett James, Amarlie Jordyn and Aubree Emily - Jett brown eyes and blonde curly hair...Amarlie...light blue/indigo eyes and dark hair...Aubree indigo eyes and brown hair.
    9 Xavier Lee - Brown eyes and wavy short hair.
    10 11 Lucas Cohen and Landen Carter both have blue eyes and blond curls.
    12 Summer Paige - strawberry blonde ringlets and hazel eyes.
    13 Ebony Jade dark brown eyes and dark hair.

    so ...Logan, Charleigh, Ella, Lilly, Jarrod, Jett, Amarlie, Aubree, Xavier, Lucas, Landen, Summer and Ebony.

    Thought i'd add hair and eyes...

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    Re: bng im new to this

    14 natural

    #1-5 (quintuplets)- Liam Henry, Owen Lucas, Ella Mae, Zoey Lynn, & Shea Rose
    #6-8 (triplets)- Marc Peter, Nate Daniel, & Ilsa Jo
    #9-12 (quadruplets)- Kaye Lola, Anna Michelle, Bree Noelle, & Rhys Martin
    #13- Vann Carter
    #14- Cade Noah

    I have Liam, Owen, Ella, Zoey, Shea, Marc, Nate, Ilsa, Kaye, Anna, Bree, Rhys, Vann, & Cade

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    Re: bng im new to this

    11 natural 3 adopted
    1. Avery Rose; Girl-- 16
    2. Alexia Shay; Girl-- 16
    3. Kaitlyn "Katie" Jayne; Girl-- 13
    4. Jamie Kayte; Girl-- 13
    5. Leo Brandon; Boy-- 9
    6. Levi James; Boy-- 9
    7. Caleigh Alana; Girl-- 7
    8. Cameron Andrew; Boy-- 7
    9. Cody Alexander; Boy-- 7
    10. Eli Michael; Boy-- 5
    11. Ella Marie; Girl-- 5

    12. Peyton Sophia; Girl-- 2
    13. Lauren "LoLo" Violet; Girl-- 6 months
    14. Colette "CoCo" Blue; Girl-- 6 months

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