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Thread: Octuplets

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    Re: Octuplets

    i'm going to do a bunch of different ways to do this.

    1. 1 girl/7 boys : Mallory, Evan, Ryan, Daniel (Danny), Jason, Brian, Shane, Mitchell

    2. 2 girls/6 boys : Camilla (Millie), Jane, David, Oliver, Michael (Mikey), Peter, Christopher (Chris), Thomas (Tommy/ Tom)

    3. 3 girls/5 boys: Danielle, Stephanie, Julia, Nicholas (Nick), Jonathan (John), Andrew (Andy), Richard (Ricky), Benjamin (Ben)

    4. 4 girls/4 boys: Brenna, Jessica, Nicole, Rachel, Jackson (Jack), Matthew (Matt), Paul, Tyler

    5. 5 girls/3 boys: Clementine, Rosa, Violet, Ruby, Lily, Brendan, Tristan, Aaron

    6. 6 girls/2 boys: Isabella (Izzy), Genevieve (Gen), Daniella, Gabrielle (Gaby), Lucia (Lucy), Madeleine (Maddie), James, Nathaniel (Nate)

    7. 7 girls/1 boy: Alyssa, Amanda, Alexis, Ashley, Arianna, Addison (Addie), Adrienne, Adam

    8. 8 girls: Aubrey, Melissa, Kieran, Olivia, Erin, Rebecca (Becca), Sage, Charlotte

    9. 8 boys: Derrick, Everitt, Sean, Patrick, Brandon, Justin, Tyler, Chase

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    Re: Octuplets

    All girls;
    Bailey, Lauren, Jordan, Kate, Jillian, Alexis, Talia, & Hannah.

    All boys;
    Alexander, James, Oliver, Henry, Matthew, Keith, and Brent

    4 girls, 4 boys;
    Bailey, James, Lauren, Oliver, Jordan, Brent, Alexis, and Matthew.
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