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    Red face .*~Quiz with namebank~*.

    You have four children, roll the dice to decide their genders (Even=Boys, Odd=Girls)
    Name each child by answering the questions below

    1# Child (Birthplace/color)
    First name - Where were you born?
    North America: Carolina, Havanna, Savannah, Georgia, Virginia/Francisco, Kingston, Dakota, Boston, Phoenix
    South America: Bolivia, Lima, Cali, Nova, Madeline/Brazil, Santiago, Rio, Louis, Paulo
    Europe: Florence, Vienna, Paris, Bristol, Valencia/Berlin, York, London, Washington, Oslo
    Africa: Kenya, Sierra, Sahara, Leona, Cairo/Benin, Cameron, Togo, Congo, Garian
    Asia: Asia, Ceylon, China, India, Persia/Jordan, Israel, Salem, Troy, Caspian
    Australia: Adelaide, Coco, Victoria, Esperance, Augusta/Jervis, Logan, Ryde, Sydney, Darwin

    Middle name - What is your favorite color?
    Black/white/grey: Jet/Jetta, Swan, Snow, Ivory, Silver, Black, Zinc, Raven, Ash.
    Red: Scarlet, Ruby, Poppy, Henna, Cherry, Umber, Rusty, Red, Vermilion, Russet.
    Blue: Indigo, Aqua, Sapphire, Cyan, Blue, Teal, Dove, Skye, Azure, Slate.
    Yellow: Saffron, Canary, Sandy, Goldie, Marigold, Maize, Honey, Buff, Amber, Cadmium.
    Purple/pink: Violet/Violetta, Mauve, Lavender, Rose/Rosie, Claret, Salmon, Carmine, Crimson.
    Green: Olive, Jade, Emerald, Moss, Green, Viridian, Kelly, Hunter, Jasper, Dusty.
    Orange/brown: Sienna, Hazel, Copper, Brown, Ginger, Roux, Coral, Fox, Ebony, Clementine.

    2# Child (Your birthday)
    First name - Your Month of birth?
    January-March: Elina, Rebecca, Joy, Zelda, Leslie/Levi, Eli, Wilfred, Colin, Melvin
    April-June: Charlene, Miranda, Zoe, Donna, Gloria/Enzo, Leo, Franklin, Peter, Dexter
    July-September: Winifred, Matilda, Eve, Clary, Amanda/Gillis, Fox, Isidore, Silas, Philip
    October-December: Jennifer, Valerie, Ivy, Effie, Olivia/Elis, Jax, Casimir, Elton, Wesley

    Middle name - Day of birth?
    1-7: Annie, Beatrice, Irene, Cornelia, Leonora/Victor, Martin, Louis, Julius, Frederick
    8-15: Betty, Josephine, Helen, Louise, Dora/Alfred, Edwin, Calvin, Milton, Ralph
    16-23: Elsie, Pauline, Clara, Mabel, Vivian/Frank, Gilbert, Stanley, Wallace, Barney
    24-31: Ethel, Mildred, Jean, Harriet, May /Albert, Gus, Leonard, Raymond, Wilbur

    3# Child (Hair/eyes)
    First name - What is your natural hair color?
    Black: Ophelia, Elle, Genevieve, Iris, Agnes, Lucy/Felix, Ruben, Benjamin, John, Lewis, Oliver
    Blonde: Nicole, Lily, Nora, Cornelia, Amelie, Penelope/Dylan, Harry, Nicolas, Jack, Franklin, Miles
    Brunette: Isabelle, Flora, Molly, Greta, Evangeline, Alice/Oscar, Henry, Charles, Leo, Alvin, Liam
    Red: Freya, Wilma, Mirelle, Eliana, Chloe, Evelyn/Ivan, Theo, Augustus, Noah, Nico, Lucas

    Middle name - What is your eye color?
    Blue: Ivy, Emmeline, Margo, Sylvie, Annabelle/Eli, Rhys, Wesley, Zacharias, Caleb
    Green: Willa, Isla, Lola, Ingrid, Juliette/Atticus, Ezra, Elliot, Sebastian, Ethan
    Brown: Maisie, Louise, Sarah, Aveline, June/Victor, Blake, George, Alexander, Hudson
    Other: Adeline, Esme, Jane, Ruth, Summer/Wyatt, James, Adrian, Tristan, William

    4# Child (Holiday/hobby)
    First name – What is your favorite holiday?
    Halloween: Autumn, Wednesday, October, Sabrina, Luna/Storm, Treat, Poe, Casper, Lucifer
    Christmas: Mary, Holly, Snow, Noelle, Angelica/Winter, Frost, Joseph, Noel, Rudolph
    New years: Nova, Hope, Dawn, Aurora, Grace/Orion, Felix, Paxton, Asher, Neo
    Fourth of July: Liberty, Bella, Abigail, Eleanor, Glory/Abraham, Monroe, Lincoln, Carter, Eagle
    Valentines’ day: Juliet, Candy, Jewel, Rose, Lovelia/Valentin, Amour, Edward, Amadeus, Romeo
    Easter: Vanessa, Lilia, Agnes, Palmira, Rachel/Simon, Pascal, John, Nicodemus, Arley

    Middle name – What is your hobby?
    Sports: Gabriella, Madison, Serena, Spencer, Venus/Alcott, Beckham, Royce, Neville, Orlando
    Shopping/friends: Isadora, Chanel, Stella, Apple, Essie/Ansel, Cole, Hermes, Yves, Willem
    Reading/writing: Story, Emily, Elizabeth, Shelley, Angelou/Edgar, Walter, Nathaniel, Hugo, Samuel
    Art/music/acting: Allegra, Calliope, Harmony, Melody, Lyra/Harp, Lennon, Ringo, Maxwell, Hendrix

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