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    Namebank with my favorites

    Roll this dice:

    The number you get is the number of children you have. If you get below 4 you can roll again if you want more kids.

    The number you rolled at the beginning shouldn't be confused with the number of rolls you get. If you rolled an 11, you get 11 children total not 11 rolls. That may mean only 7 rolls but there you go :P However, if, on your last roll, you roll a number greater than the number of children you have "remaining" you keep the set you rolled for.

    For each child, roll the dice and find the corresponding set in the list below. For 11 & 12 you need to roll again to decide which of the two options you have.
    1) Girl
    2) Boy
    3) G/G
    4) G/B
    5) B/B
    6) G/G/G
    7) G/G/B
    8) G/B/B
    9) B/B/B
    10) G/G/B/B
    11) G/G/G/B (even) or B/B/B/G (odd)
    12) G/G/G/G (even) or B/B/B/B (odd)

    Girl's names:
    Zelda, Octavia, Claire, Louise, Alice, Beatrice, Greta, Delphine, Maia, Lucille, Ruby, Spencer, Lillian, Sydney, Chloe, Julianna, Cordelia, Sally, Marjorie, Matilda, Caroline, Priya, Shiloh, Miranda, Wylie, Clarke, Mavis, Lumina, Araminta, Belle, Grace, Eleanor, Katerina, Gretchen, Murphy, Bay, Penelope, Naomi, Phoebe, Jane, Natalie, Agnes, Emmeline, Salome, Pearl, Arrietta, Bellamy, Lyra, Lola, Edith, Margo, Amelia, June

    Boy's names:
    Castiel, Dexter, Benedict, Lysander, Callum, Ezra, Oliver, Spencer, Clarence, Lincoln, Russell, Clancy, Damon, Theodore, Ezekiel, Oskar, Tobias, Wesley, Jackson, Malachi, Samson, Elijah, Dean, Fintan, Leo, Jack, Declan, Evan, Stefan, Ezra, Arlo, Boden, Marco, Koen, Wyatt, Vaughn, Graham, Jensen, Ford, Leone, Rune, Edison, Kane, Niall, Mischa, Gideon, Haymitch, Jude, Silas, Kieran, Cyrus, Julian, Arthur, Gavin, Henry
    Top 10 Girls: Delphine *Elphi*, Octavia, Caroline, Zelda, Maia, Ruby, Lumina *Lumin*, Clarke, Mika, Rose

    Top 10 Boys: Theodore *Theo*, Sebastian *Bas*, Clyde, Malachi *Kai*, Ezekiel *Zeke*, Leo, Russell, Castiel *Cas*, Oskar, Wesley

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    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    SaraViviene ~ TeenBerry ~ NameNerd

    -Names Are Currently Under Construction-

    “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once'”
    [John Green, TFIOS]

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