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    My cousin is William Clark Hardin V. Yep the fifth and my coincidence my sister was named Willa, idk if to honor them all (uncle, grandpa, great grandpa, etc) or just because my mom liked it. The 5th (cousin) goes by Will, 4th (uncle) goes by Buddy, and the 3rd (grandpa) goes by Bill. Ugh. My 76 year old grandma is Irene Ella and for years she hated her middle name. I don't see how she hated it, it's beautiful! I have the "strangest" name in the family, Emmylou. Everyone else in the family has classic names, excluding my sisters Willa and Ruby. I usually go by Emmy and yep there's my name rant
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    Why is this revived its from 08?
    My uncle goes by a nickname but thats because he's a junior. Everyone in my family goes by their actual names

    ♀isobel jamesie. eloise. matilda. alice. eleanor. amelia. lucia. felicity. phoebe. eilidh. rosalia. zoe. azalea. genevieve. . tallulah. ruby. rebecca. clementine. juliet. francesca.

    ♂eamon harris. tiago. cooper. hayes. jack. jago. flynn. archer. lincoln. asher. alfie. taylor. baxter. finnian. lawson. lewis. fletcher. harley. brooklyn.
    middle names: kyan. john. smith. anne. grace. elizabeth

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