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    Rename yourself!

    If you could rename yourself, what would you be? Why? Would you keep the same initials, middle name, last name? Here's mine:
    Old names: Melody Joy. I'd change Melody because even my 11-week-old is more musically inclined than I. I'd change Joy because it has put a bit of a strain on me, and I always thought it was an old lady name.
    New Names: (Of course, this is theoretical, because I can't imagine going by another name.) Lucie Addison. I love Lucie spelled that way (but I wouldn't insist on it) and Addison on a girl.
    My hubby's:
    Old Name: Richard. I'd change it because I don't like the nickname Ricky, and almost everyone calls me it.
    New Name: Thomas. I love the nickname Tom.

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    Re: Rename yourself!

    ooh how fun! Well, I'd definitely change my first name, no question about that! I'd keep my middle name though, I love it.

    Original First Name: Lyndsay
    New First Name: i have three options, one that my mom was seriously considering naming me, so i always thought of it as something that might have been my name. Elizabeth... I'd probably choose the nickname Libby. The next Lulette, which was my great-grandmother's name and I would have loved to be my name. Last, one that has nothing to do with anything but I just have always thought would fit me oh so well, Scarlett. I'd make the perfect Scarlett.

    Original Middle Name: Jenness
    New Middle Name: If for some reason I decided to change my middle name I'd probably pick Faye, because I love it. Or else May for my grandmother.

    Last Name: I always wished my last name was Tyler, because it's almost the same as my real last name but a little cooler. Now I'm married and I'd change my last name to Bexley, same story as with Tyler, except this is a lot cooler.

    So, hmm, I guess if I had to actually pick one it'd be Scarlett Faye Bexley... that could so totally be my name.
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: Rename yourself!

    Wow... about your middle names, my grandmother and her twin sister are Faye and Mae. :) Scarlett Faye Bexley. I like it!

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    Re: Rename yourself!

    Instead of Chuka Susan, I'd be Susan Grace or Susannah Grace. I love the name Grace because that was my nice aunt's name. Susan means lily and my maternal grandmother was named Lillian Cordelia. But I love being Chuka Susan because I know in my bones that it is my true name. Don't call me Chuka though, please! I just like to see Chuka Susan on my checks and drivers' license.

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    Re: Rename yourself!

    I'd love to rename first name is one no one can spell even though it's an old fashioned name.

    Original 1st Name: Arrealia - it's a completely different spelling of Aurelia. It's my mom's former best friend's middle name.
    New Name: Deborah- My mom's former friend's 1st name. She told my parents they could use anything but that...she hated being called Debby. I'd rather that than ReeRee anyday.

    I would keep my middle name Anne because it came from my grandmother Annabell, who raised me.

    On second thought, I guess I would keep it all the same. I was named after some pretty fantastic women. It pays tribute to them the way my daughter's name pays tribute to my mom.

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