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    Not sure if this applies but could you please, please, please add Indigo as a unisex name. It is not just a girls name, and it's driving me crazy that it's not considered a boys name. The first time I ever heard it was on a boy, and I didn't even know it was a girls name, until I saw it was classed as only a girls name here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewren View Post
    I do think a surname can constitute a first name. But "Ackerly,ackley", squished together with a comma like that, seemed like an error. Or was it trying to represent that they were variants of the same surname? I could be wrong, it just seemed odd.
    Ah I didn't realise that's what you meant! Yeah, that's an error.

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    Lain - a variation of Lane and Layne. The name of the eponymous character from Serial Experiments Lain and chiptune artist Lain Trzaska. Unisex.

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    Zakkai please! Means pure.
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    Hi there,

    I have noticed that you don't have Magali (emphasis is on the "li")which is a quite common French Provencal name - not sure about the origin, probably derived either from Marguerite or Madeleine.
    Also you are missing Aglaia, which is a Russian name of Greek origin - Aglaia or Aglaya was one of the three Graces in Greek mythology, it was the name of the love-interest/princess in Dostoevsky's The Idiot. It has a French variant AglaΓ©. I think it makes a pretty alternative to Agatha or Maia or Gaia.
    Finally you are missing Chryseis. The only thing I know about this name is that it was in a baby name book I owned when I was 13 and it was Greek, but I just googled it and find it is version of Cressida.

    Hope this is helpful. I think they are all solid, usable names.

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