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    Quote Originally Posted by raqkel View Post
    R0h3y (with an O instead of a 0 and an e instead of a 3)
    There's probably not any need to replace letters with symbols in this thread, since if the name is added to the database it'll start showing up in searches anyway.

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    My name (Raevyn). I know it's a kree8tv spelling, but it's still worth mentioning!


    Resat (my Turkish-born cooking teacher's name)

    Ethelreda--it's mentioned in another name's page, but it's under-represented!

    And Edilio--I don' know much about it but it's a character in Michael Grant's Gone series.
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    Lalana - its a girls name which is indian for playing

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    Lulia-It's a girls name I think means Youthful and is a diminutive of Julia. It could be a spelling mistake of Iulia.

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    Alodia - means "foreign wealth". It's the name of a 9th-century saint.

    You have Elodia listed but no meaning. It's the Spanish form of Alodia.

    The meaning of Elodie is wrong. It doesn't mean "marsh flower" (see Alodia).
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