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    And I guess it's not technically a baby name, but I always thought if I had a son I'd want to name him after my home state, Kentucky, which isn't in the database. If Tennessee and Alabama are usable, why not Kentucky?
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    I think Vanderlyle is a completely made up name by Matt Berninger, the frontman of the band The National, but it just sounds awesome. There's Vander, and there's Lyle, so maybe it could be a variation for them.

    Adua is an old-school iItalian name, used especially when we used to conquer other places. I also heard Olanda, but the entry is bare. I believe that it's basically a misspell for Iolanda, but it is also the translation of Holland in Italian. Another Italian oldie is indeed Isolina, which is not featured as sraexx suggested.
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    The National's Names List

    Peculiar Italian Names for Girls

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    I haven't had a chance to read all 60 pages of this, so maybe it has already been mentioned, but Olivet is not merely a variant of Olive/Olivia. It is a biblical place-name from the Gospels.

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    I think that you might have misspelt "Vincenzo" in your database. I saw "Vincenzio" and "Vicenzo", the latter which I have not ever seen used.

    Vincenzo is a very traditional name used in Italy. Root is sam as Vincent. Nicknames that I have seen used for Vincenzo are:
    Vi (VEE); Vinny; Cenzi (CHIN zee); and Enzo

    BTW, according to my husband who wears this name, "Renzo" is the traditional nn for Lorenzo. "Enzo" is the traditional nn for Vincenzo. A Lorenzo with the nn " Enzo" would be very weird.

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    More Italian boy names

    I just created a list of Italian boy names that could easily be used in Italy now, and a few of them were not linking to the name entries. I also saw a Nameberry Italian Name list and noticed that a few were missing from it: (let me know if you need pronunciations on any)

    Davide (very popular in Italy)
    Piergiorgio (Pier + another name is very common)
    Nicola (Nicola is actually a unisex name in Italy more commonly used for boys with the nn Nico)
    Xaviero (I have heard of someone using this name on a young child. Not sure how long it has been used there)
    Rocco (considered almost too cool to use right now in Italy bc there is a very famous porn star named Rocco)

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