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    I just found another name that is considered to be a boy´s name that is also more commenly used as a girl´s name (and not in the database for girls yet): Heike, also Haike. It is a German-Frisian name that derives from Heinrike/Henricke. This name was very popular in Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. That´s why it was rarely used for boys. Famous people: German actress Heike Makatsch (Love actually), Heike Drechsler (German Athletic).
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    You're missing the name Lua which is a Latin, Galician and Portuguese name meaning "moon".

    Lua was the Roman Goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons. She was sometimes referred to as 'Lua Saturni'.

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    You don't have Ashwin. It's a lovely Hindi name meaning "swift". It is also the name of the seventh month in the Hindi calendar.

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    Isolina, my daughter's name.

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    Kiana is listed as being a made up name. It's actually a Persian girls name, meaning either 'elements of nature' or 'royal queen' (this would need more research). Also, Kian is also a Persian boys name (aside from being an Irish name), meaning 'kings'. Suren (also spelled Soren) is a Farsi boys name after the Suren-Pahlavi clan. Koroush is the Persian form of 'Cyrus', meaning 'Sun'. Dariush is the Persian form of 'Darius'. Pasha is not just a Russian name, but also a Turkish name for boys meaning 'king'. Shaya is a Farsi boys name meaning 'worthy'. Kayvon/ Keyvan is a Farsi boys name meaning 'like king', but referring to the planet Saturn. Kamran is a Farsi boys name meaning 'successful'. Sina is a Persian boys name meaning 'Sinai', but also used as a tribute to Abu Ali Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina, aka. Ibn Sina or Avicenna, who composed "The Book of Healing" and "The Canon of Medicine". Kia is also a Persian boys name meaning "king/ defender". Actually, there are just surprisingly few Farsi (Persian) names on here...
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