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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I know NB is a US site but it'd be nice to have more info pertaining to other countries
    Yeah agreed. Maybe something like stats showing the male/female usage of the name in its country of origin? Something like that?

    Jory Leander Atticus, August Eli Benedict, Casimir Mordecai Stewart,
    Edmond John Meirion, Horatio Ethell Emery, Bram William Jasper,
    Julian Remy Charles, Vasiliy Lochlan Michael.


    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

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    How about Castalia? I don't remember where I heard it, but looking it up it is of Greek Origin and Castalia was a nymph who fell into a spring in the Greek myth. The spring was then named after her and became a source of inspiration for the muses and Apollo. I think it's a pretty great backstory. I also like this name for its nickname potential: Cassie, Talia, Tali...

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    How about Kinden? Seems to be another form of the name Quentin. Bonafide and could fit in with current trends without being as popular.

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    what about Army being a variation of Sargent? Also, I'm pretty sure Sargent is a title. Not a name.

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    Eilean - the gaelic word for island! pronounced ayl-ann. Heard it used as a girls name here in Scotland a few times, I think its lovely!
    Seonaid - gaelic for Janet - pronounced shaw-nat
    Seonag - gaelic for Joan - pronounced Shon-ag
    Vaila - an island off Scotland, pronounced vay-la. Used as a girls name
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