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    Tesla, I've seen it two or three times. Once on a girl my own age, once on a little girl, and once on a newborn. It's my husband's number one pick for a girl right now. Also, my son is named Laikon, a variation of Laiken. We met a girl with with this name and my husband loved it for our son.

    A lot of flower names are missing:

    Belladonna, Nolana, Silverbell, Boronia, Goldenbell, Larkspur, Starlily, Protea, Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Liatris, Bellflower, and Zinnea.

    Also, I know a woman named Onnaliese, variation of Annaliese, and another named singularly Onna. So if you could add both Onna and Onnaliese I would love it.
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    Edolie is missing
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    Just went over the German Top 200:

    Russian, Scandinavian
    Short form of Russian Rufinia, also female version of Finn meaning "from Finland"

    Northern German (Frisian), diminutive of Germanic names starting with "Frede / Friede", means "peace", also short form for russian name Feodora (gift of god), In a Germanic myth Fenja is a giantess from the everglades
    Pronounciation: FEN-ya

    Old Norse, scandinavian
    Short version of the old name for Sweden "Svearike"

    German, Scandinavian
    Short version of Nikolaus / Nicholas

    Meaning: Helmet + rule
    Pronounciation: MAHL-teh

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    alternate Kylers
    Chyler, Khyler, Kylar
    all which I have seen except Chyler is a female, actress Chyler Leigh (Grey's Anatomy)

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    Annabeth. Definetely Annabeth. It's an english baby name. Variant of Anne. Biblical; Devout Woman Who Saw Infant Jesus Presented at the Temple in Jerusalem or variant of anne meaning favour, grace.
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