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    I'd like to throw in another request for Annabeth. There are several cultural connections that could justify its inclusion in the database--there is an actress named Annabeth Gish, as well as characters called Annabeth in the legal drama Close to Home and the Percy Jackson series.
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    Kimbra is the name of a new music artist who hails from New Zealand and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

    Kimbra Johnson is her name and she has a fierce voice.

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    There's the Arabic name Sumaya which I think is really pretty It means "Exalted" and is the name of the wife of Yasir and is a martyr in Islam. Variations of the name are Sumaiya, Sumayah, and Sumaiyah. I think it's appealing due to it's beautiful meaning and history. I also think it might appeal to non-Muslim parents because it combines the sound of old-fashion Sue and trendy Maya. Last but not least Sue, Maya, and Sumy are really cute nick names <3
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    Oh and I just went on Facebook...

    I came across a Linzy. It's Lindsay's alternative spelling. Sounds like her quirky cousin.

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    A country where we get weather that people complain about a lot.
    Arbour - how Arbor would be spelled in the UK. Like Favor/Favour, Honor/Honour and so on.
    Harbour - how Harbor would be spelled in the UK.

    Also, I encountered the name Sabelina the other day. I thought it was very pretty. Apparently it is derived from Sabina, the same way the Avelina (original form of Aveline) is derived from Avila.

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