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    Change the name colours back please!

    All unisex names are popping up in orange even if they are registered for male or female. For example, in the similar names clouds, lists and today's most popular names lists- all unisex names are orange. This is unfair as it inaccurately reflects which form is being searched.
    For example, Spencer was in orange in the cloud this morning. But this tells me nothing. Is it popular for a boy or a girl?

    Will the names always be orange? I don't like it, and think they should be separated.

    (On an unrelated note, my lists are still not deletable.)
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    If you click on the name, it will show up with both male and female entries, and it should show popularity percentages on each name. It did this when I clicked on the name Jamie just now.
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    I think unisex names have always been listed in orange.

    As Lawsonhaley said, if you click on the name, you can see popularity for each gender.
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