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    Nmaes on nameberry user list

    On user lists, some names are pick, some are blue, some are black. Those that are pick and blue are always names that are in database.
    But, black colored names are different story. Some black colored names are names that are in database (like Nella) and some black colored names are those that are not in database.

    I don't understand why some names in database (like Nella, Thordis, Melusine, Fiora, Sybilla) are black colored. Why? Is there any way to make them pink?
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    I think the different-colored link indicates it's a name whose page you've viewed recently (like how on many other sites a recently-viewed link is a different color than the others).

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    I don't know if there is a way to make them pink, but I've noticed that when you edit a post and add a new name in, the new name turns black, so it could mean that you have edited your list recently. All the names on my user list are black, but I sometimes add new names to my userlists so that's probably why.
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    @adelina_sophia: The names you edited in are black because once the time passes after you initially post for any names to get their tags any new names you edit in won't get linked (but you can enter the tags manually with [name _ u][/name _ u] and the name in between - remove the spaces on both sides of the underscore and for non-unisex names replace the "u" with "m" or "f" as appropriate).

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