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Thread: Lists?

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    Does anyone know what's going on with the lists? I can't add any names to my current ones nor can I access the page of them from the sidebar. I can get to the lists I have in linked my signature (clicking on my own links work) but I still can't edit them. I also can't add names from the drop down menu on individual name pages.
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    The same is happening to me it's because they're updating the site, here is a thread they created about it:

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    Lists have been down for me ever since this whole update thing started weeks ago. It's really frustrating.
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    I know this is a pain to have to do, but if you Google yourself and the name of your list, you can find a working link to your lists. For example 'vestigesofsummer favourite girl names nameberry'.

    I think it only works for public lists though, and I didn't try to edit mine, so I don't know if you can add names manually or not. I hope this helps at least some! (But I hope the website is fixed soon even more!)

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    List are back for me, but I can't edit them.
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