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    I second that Jayna needs to be added! It's my friend's daughter's name!

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    Taiomah and Evea, a pair of Native American names. Taiomah is male, Evea is unisex. They're my niece and nephews names and it'd be great if they were on here.
    Tallulah, Persephone, Eris, Saskia, Natasha, Zhanna, Matthias, Andreas, Dean, Isaac, Jude, Christopher, Caleb, Victor, Fabian, Skyler, Dexter, Cecily, Alannah, Savannah, Hester, Britta, Xanthe, Temperence, Violetta, Anton, Anatoly, Maksym, Ilya, Raphael, Gabriel, Xanthe, Carmen, Electra, Dahlia.

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    Brynnley! it's my niece's name. My sister may have made it up, though.

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    Jane, Vivian, Lydia, Annabeth, Tallulah (Lula), Florence, Virginia, Mabel, Risa, Eve, Eloise, Susannah

    John, Alan, Maxwell, Erich, Nathan/Nathaniel, Leo, Connor, Jack, Paul, Rieger, Francis

    "Any daughter of mine that wants to be a stripper, pole dancer, or porn star is going to have to overcome the obstacle of her dripping-with-intelligence name and change it herself to something creatively slutty like they did back in the good ol' days."
    - Anna Stesia

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    Nebraska, US
    Kimya - F - Swahili - silent/silence - pr KIM-yuh - Singer Kimya Dawson whom did most of the music for the movie Juno.
    Bourbon - M - french - surname royal french family / city in Kentucky / alcoholic beverage
    Shylock - M - shakespearian - from The Merchant of Venice
    Nym - M - shakespearian - in Henry V & The Merry Wives of Windsor & fantasy name
    Amakaze - F - I pr. it Ah-muh-KAY-zee but I have no clue if it's right
    IzekieL - M - I pr. it Ih-zee-key-el, but I'm most likely wrong. It probably stems from Ezekiel.
    Swallow - Uni - english - bird name
    Chamomile - F - english - type of flower - nn Cammie
    Skylark - Uni (Primarily F) - bird name - nn Sky or Lark
    Adieu - F - middle english from french meaning 'to God' - Goodbye
    Vice - Uni - word name - immoral or wicked behavior
    Monarch - Uni - english - word name
    Vintage - F - english - word name - nn Vinnie
    Change - Uni - english - hippie word name
    Droll - M - english - word name meaning curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement
    Ghost - Uni - english - word name
    Acedia - F - latin - spiritual or mental sloth; apathy. Sometimes considered one of the deadly sins

    Boys: Oliver, Felix, Jude, Balthasaru "Ru"
    Girls: Amélie "Millie", Indigo "Indie", Peridot, Jane

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