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    Re: What names have we missed?

    How about Annabeth? A beautiful combination of Anna and Elizabeth...compound names are becoming more popular.
    From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors. ~ Proverb

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    My 2 year old is named Aubryn. We came up with it because we loved the name Bryn but not with our last name. Although some don't consider it a "real" or "proper" name, it really suits our little girl!

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    Re: What names have we missed?

    My personal name list on behindthename:
    My List of Name Combos:
    Please vote.

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    Re: What names have we missed?


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    Re: What names have we missed?


    I've seen it mentioned in the forums several times now.
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