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    Re: Help with a Pretty girls name that isn't too common?

    Quote Originally Posted by kim@dwl
    There are so many beautiful names here thank you.
    I guess it makes it even harder with so many family and friends with similar names.

    we are starting to narrow things down, im stuck for middle names as well hehe

    we are liking at the moment-
    Abigail (hubby loves, i like) shortened to Abby
    Alexandra shortened to Lexi or ally or alex (i love Alexis but hubby doesn't)
    Annabella but i really dont like Anne or Anna for a shortening so perhaps Bella?
    Gabriela to Gabby
    Evangeline to evy?

    But then what do we do for middle names.
    with Shirley as our last name non of the A names can have an S middle name or the initials would be ass
    Abigail Rain Shirley, Abigail Eve Shirley, Abigail Eden Shirley, Abigail Kate Shirley, Abigail Jane Shirley (Abigail has been on the top ten list and is very common, but it is a beautiful name!)

    Alexandra Jane Shirley ( I do like the name Jane), Alexandra Fern Shirley, Alexandra Paige Shirley, Alexandra Moon Shirley, Alexandra Claire Shirley (Alexandra is also an extremely popular name, but I love it. You could use the variation Allessandra to be more unusual.)

    Annabella Grace, Annabella Kate, Annabella Mae, Annabella Maeve, Annabella June (Ooooh, I love this one), Annabella Mere (Welsh name), Annabella Paige (my cousin's name is Ann Paige.)

    Gabriella Eve, Gabriella Eden, Gabriella Iris, Gabriella Ruth (sounds so smart)

    Evangeline Claire, Evangeline Noel, Evangeline Mireille (Mee-RAY)

    You could use Rose as a middle name for any of these first names, but it is very common. Rose is lovely, though.

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    Re: Help with a Pretty girls name that isn't too common?

    I really like Abby. Catherine or any of its various spellings would also make a great middle name for all or most of your names. What about Emilia and Anastasia(I'm considering them right now for my twins), they're not too weird or outlandish, yet they're not super popular, and they are lovely names.

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    Re: Help with a Pretty girls name that isn't too common?

    Just as a thought, since Abigail is currently # 8 and you were thinking about pretty names that are not too common, what about Adeline or Adelaide... they are beautiful and shorten to Addie which is just as cute as Abby.

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    Re: Help with a Pretty girls name that isn't too common?

    I think Evangeline is the most uncommon and is very pretty. It can be Eva as well as Evy. For middle names, I think these options would be pretty:

    Evangeline Rose Shirley
    Evangeline Cordelia Shirley
    Evangeline Monroe Shirley

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    Re: Help with a Pretty girls name that isn't too common?

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