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    Naming 8 daughters whose names start with same letter but with some changes

    Simple and pretty fun game, a person would create 8 daughters (parents can also be added but their first and middle names should start from the same alphabet as the daughters') and give them a first name and a middle name but they should start with the same alphabet. A last name should also be given, that should not be starting with the same letter. As the game proceeds, for example 1st person uses the letter A to give as the starting letter, then the next person would give from B and so on. Once it reaches Z, the next person would restart it with A.

    I'll start!-

    DH:Ashton Ulrik Arden
    DW:Anna Hadley Arden
    DD1: Ashley Kaylee Arden
    DD2: Aubrey Emilee Arden
    DD3: Annabelle Madelyn Arden
    DD4: Ava Janelle Arden
    DD5: Abigail Diane Arden
    DD6: Alyssa Joanne Arden
    DD7: Arielle Blanche Arden
    DD8: Athena Eileen Arden

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    I'm confused with the instructions! You said a first and middle name that start with the name letter but a last name that doesn't, but your example shows a first and last name that start with the same letter and a middle name that does not?

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