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    What would you name yourself today?

    Hi everyone!

    My friend and I recently invented a name game (or at least, we think we did). You don't need to play this game every day but you can only do this one time a day when you choose to play. Once a day you choose what first and middle name you would want if you had to rename yourself that very day. You can post the name, and the reasons too if you want, here any time you play. Here's my example:

    Fiona Eleanor. I think Fiona is very spunky, energetic, and feminine, and it has a pretty sound (I'm trying to get over the Shrek reference). I also love the elegance and classiness of Eleanor, especially paired with Fiona.

    More names from me to come


    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    Rowan Tyler
    It sounds unisex and I am feeling spunky today :3
    ~ Lindsay ~

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    Olivera Ryder

    I am not keen on Olivia, but I absolutely adore Olivera. Ryder is a name that holds a special meaning-- and it is a "guilty pleasure" (I dislike calling things of this nature "guilty," as I don't see them as such)-- though it is not of the usual style I lean toward.

    - Francesca

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    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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    I was born a Rebecca Naomi (Get it, Re Na) but if I could have any name today it would be Mia Victoria. Mia because it sounds like a soft kind name and Victoria for my mom who I miss terribly.
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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