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    Interesting Twin-sets

    I just had to tell you about three sets of twins I saw recently in my local BAs...

    Apollo Amour and Blaze Wonder (boys)
    Alex and Alexis (boy and girl)
    Rafael and Frankey (boys)

    I thought each provided joy worth spreading the rest of the name community, although each for different reasons...

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    I love Anika and Lily
    Interesting twin sets I know
    Mather and Levi
    Baize and Penn
    Alida and Helen
    Cara and Elaine
    Cecilia and Corinne

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    Annika and Lily is lovely! I've heard a heap of cool twinsets through people I know including Georgina & Lucas, Mariette & Gabrielle, Lillian & Henry, Darcy & Lachlan and a few others but I'll never get over one I heard a while back, Alexandra & Alexander. Are you kidding me, parents? Not cool.
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    If I had to name twins off that list:

    #24 - Abigail and Emily
    #33 - Elizabeth and Katherine (how cute would Libby and Kitty be?!)

    #27 - Charlotte and Henry
    #28 - Elizabeth and William (though Libby and Billy would be far too matchy as nicknames, hmm...)

    #21 - Alexander and Nicholas (Alex and Nick/Nico)
    #26 - Benjamin and Samuel (Benji and Sammy would be adorable as boys)

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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    #28 - Elizabeth and William (though Libby and Billy would be far too matchy as nicknames, hmm...)
    But wouldn't Liza and Will be darling?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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