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    Two Boy Names for Triplets

    My partner and I already have Henry (9) and Julian (8) and she is now expecting Triplets! Gotta watch that fertility business and egg splitting! The boys will be identical twins. We have picked the girl's name as Honor Sinclair (to honour her two moms - Sara and Helen) and intend to call her Sinclair. Now we are stuck for the boys. We liked Milo and Owen - but they seem to be getting too popular.

    We are considering -

    Huebert - then called Hugh or
    Edgar - seriously!

    and then if we stay with the old Puritan names

    Ezekiel -
    Esek - family history with this one and
    Ezra - is this the new Levi ?
    Jubal - or this one?

    No's are to Rufus, Sebastian, Rupert, Nigel and Graeme as first names but not ruled out as middles.

    Any one with some nice vintage thoughts?

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    Re: Two Boy Names for Triplets

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    Re: Two Boy Names for Triplets

    Adrian, Gabriel, and Lucian (those names are among my favorites and I think that one or more of them would work well in that sibset).
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    Re: Two Boy Names for Triplets

    Well, from your list, I really dig Edgar (really!) and think he'd add a nice "goodfella" note into your existing set. Edgar Hugh & Alfred James would be my jazzy boy picks. I'd nickname them Ed & Fritz! If you wanted smoother feeling, Simon Graeme & Jasper Esek definitely get a vote from me as combos, They feel perfect with Henry & Julian!

    Some other thoughts:

    George, Charles, Felix (Oooh, Simon & Felix would be fantastic!), Vincent, Frederick, Roman, Victor, Raphael or Marcus maybe?
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    Re: Two Boy Names for Triplets

    Lola - thank you so much! I had totally forgotten about Fritz for Fred names! It is jazzy enough to be hip, cute enough for a little boy and stands very well into adulthood. Alfred has shot to the top of our list. I am still pushing Edgar, but lean more towards the Ned or Ted nickname. Julian's mn is Edward with the idea that if Julian was just too effeminate a name we would use the mn. But he is a Julian through and through. We got lots of family flack over Julian. But we are used to flack, suffered through lots of the grands and step-grands wanting to call Henry - Harry, Hank or Hal. Hal was our suggestion and has remained our family name for him.

    So Honor Sinclair, Alfred (James, maybe at the very least we would be okay with AJ!) and Edgar mn. I like the vowel sounds of the all the first names and so does Helen. We have about 6 weeks left - so we'll see. Thanks!

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