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Thread: Amity for a boy

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    It's just a word name, and it's currently not in common use for girls, so I don't think anyone would bat an eye at you using it for a boy. It sounds perfectly fine to me.
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    So happy I've had positive comments!

    My reasoning is that it's a word and it has a beautiful meaning. No specific gender is assigned to it, however girls have been given this name in recent times.
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    I think as a middle name it could work well, as a first name it does seem very feminine to me.
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    I love it for either a boy or a girl, personally I'd prefer it as a middle name for a boy alongside Credence and use a different virtue name such as Joy, Prudence or Patience for a girl.

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    I don't much care for it on a boy, and would rather see Amos used, but I guess it's okay as a middle name.

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