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    Quote Originally Posted by lainy View Post
    @elifsu - I am totally in love with Almila Sereday! Can you tell me more about these names?
    Of course I can! Almila is the old Turkic version of apple. Alma is another variation of the name. I began to love the name after meeting a lady with this name. Sereday is a really rare name that means jewelry/ornament.

    I love Avalon and Felicity in your signature


    I am in love with your signature!

    Violetta - I just talked about Violetta today! What a coincidence.
    Isolde - this is so cute and I think it will make great combinations with the names in your signature

    Edmund - really handsome and has bad boy appeal
    - Ignatius - I love this name, has the character connection with me but that's not a problem
    - Leopold - great name, has a great name too, Leo
    - Isidore - I recently found out about this name and instantly liked it
    - Severin - obvious connection to favorite book/movie character but I like this name better, what does it means?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pliechassereleve View Post
    @elixir: is Violet Thessaly new, or did I just not notice it before? I'm in love!
    It is! I've struggled to find a Violet combo that I don't hate for so long and I think I finally found it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elixir View Post
    It is! I've struggled to find a Violet combo that I don't hate for so long and I think I finally found it.
    I have to agree, Violet Thessaly is divine!
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    Just spotted @millia's Olive Aurora! I adore it!
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    @birdling - I love your Oliver Hayes and Elijah Fox!
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