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    Middle for Marlow

    I've recently fallen for the name Marlow for a little girl. I think it flows well with my daughter's name and it's my kind of style.
    I just can't seem to find a middle name that works well with it. I seem to like classic feminine (but not too frilly) names for the middle--Estelle is my daughter's middle name. I like the sound of names beginning with a vowel as middles, if that makes any sense, but it's not necessary.
    The only name so far that I would consider is Anastasia.
    Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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    I think you have lots of vowel names to consider, anything not starting with a O-sound. Anastasia is nice.

    Marlowe Adele
    Marlowe Abigail
    Marlowe Iona
    Marlowe Imogen
    Marlowe Evelyn
    Marlowe Elena
    Marlowe Yvonne
    Marlowe Eloise
    Mama to G.L.S.S. and desperately seeking the perfect name for her little sister due in November

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