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    My triplets would be:

    Elliott Aaron
    Keegan James
    Jonah Thomas
    Current favorites:
    Boys: Jack Aaron, Maxwell James "Max", Riley Thomas, Keegan Jefferson, & Elliott Hayes.
    Girls: Emily Lauren, Samantha Kennedy "Sam", Charlotte Mae "Charlie", Genevieve Claire "Eve", & Margo Elizabeth.
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    travel. teach. learn.
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    Sela, Vivian and Bastian "Baz", Fletcher

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    Oooh, I think my triplets would be:

    August James
    Logan Brady
    Fletcher David

    Megan l 21 l Elementary School Teacher l Writer l Not ttc right now, just collecting

    Aspen l Nadia l Lydia l Ellen l Elizabeth l Caroline l Johannah l Anya l Nola
    James l River l Phoenix l Braxton l Logan l Robert l Hunter l Wilder l Noah l Brady

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    Griffin Abram "Griff"
    Jedidiah West "Jed"
    Callen Sage "Cal"

    <3 Love those together.
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