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    What would you name triplet boys?

    Just a fun game, always help to discover and collect new and exciting baby names!
    I would name triplet boys

    Hugo Jagger
    Caspar Zuko
    Otto Maddox

    BQ: what do you think of this sibset, and would you make any alterations?


    EDIT: Do you think Keziah fits well with these names for a sister? Just thinking about my favourite names and what would make a good sibset.
    Thanks everyone

    (Or Florence? Sorry I keep adding stuff)
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    Och, I utterly adore Hugo and Caspar! I'm seriously thinking of adding Caspar to my own list (if only I could come up with a combo!), and I've toyed around with Hugo in the past. They're brilliant together! I don't love Otto so much--I read a series of novels once that had an Otto in them who was pretending to be a Nazi to help Jews escape the Nazi regime (along with Jewish sympathizers, and really anyone who needed to get away from the Nazis), but before I knew he was helping the Jewish Underground--and this wasn't apparent until a couple books in--he just was a very cruel, inhumane Nazi, angry and violent and offensive. Even though I know he ended up being good, I still can't get the negative images out of my head, and I think of "awful" straightaway when I think of Otto. Objectively, Hugo, Caspar, and Otto make a great, vintage, European-vibey sort of triplet set, and I do quite like them together. I'm not really a fan of the middles--they almost seem jarring next to Hugo, Caspar, and Otto!--but I don't think that's the end of the world, and I like that they're unusual.

    If I had triplet boys, I would name them:

    Caleb Elias Joseph
    Everett Joshua Charles
    Jack August Wilder

    Probably. Caleb and Everett are set as my top 2, but I can never seem to put the rest in order. I feel like I should go with Jack as a default, since otherwise, I'd be listing the rest of my list, here...
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    Isabelle Aurora Grace + Caleb Elias Joseph + Arianne Eleanor Daisy + Everett Joshua Charles + Olivia Wren Camille
    Grant Frédéric Conrad + Violet Emilia Mary + Casper Nathaniel Eden + Grace Odilia Lily + Samuel Gaspard John

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    Hmm... Today I'm gonna try something different

    Apollo Rupert
    Crosby Griffin
    Theron Felix

    I kinda like!

    For your triples, I like them too! I don't really get the mn Zuko but the other ones sound great together. Very nice names!
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    I love Hugo, and Caspar's okay. Otto reminds me too much of the (druggie) bus driver from the Simpsons. I think Hugo and Otto might be a bit too similar. The combos are nice though. My triplets would be my top 3 names:

    Caspian Sherlock Walter
    Phoenix Arthur Blaise
    Ptolemy Alexander Remus
    Caspian, Phoenix, & Ptolemy

    And another triplet set I love:
    Ephraim Timothy Silas
    Wolfgang Dorian Edmund
    Barnaby Gideon Hugo
    Ephraim, Wolfgang, & Barnaby
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    Your sibset is really cute! I'm sure they would grow up to be real gentlemen.
    I would name my boy triplet sibset:
    Albert Perry
    Macaulay Miles
    Matthew Kieran
    River Jeffrey ~ Corey Dean ~ Judd Harlow ~ Emilio Reid ~
    Asher Lincoln ~ Lucas Ian ~ Macaulay Miles ~ Emerson Paul ~
    Shane Atticus ~ Elijah Mark ~ Indiana Jace ~ Ferris Michael ~
    Miles Russell ~ Jonathan Bastian.

    Heather Michele ~ Haley Joelle ~ Vada Margaret ~ Mallory Louise ~
    Dakota May ~ Ashley June ~ Mindy Linnea ~ Summer Joy ~
    Liberty April ~ Aleka Winter ~ Michelle Elizabeth ~ Connie Quinn ~
    Carol Anne ~ Christina Wednesday.

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