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    Reader Quiz (4 kids)

    DH: you pick
    DW: you pick

    First daughter:
    Favorite genre?
    Sci-fi/dystopia: Astrid
    Fantasy: Hermione
    Realistic fiction: Jessica
    Classics: Jane
    Historical fiction: Marie

    Second daughter:
    How many pages do you like in a book?
    10-50+: Zoe
    60-100+: Wisteria
    200-400+: Ravenna
    600-1000+: Eurydice or Annamaria (your choice)

    First son:
    What's the ultimate turn-off when you read?
    Unlikable characters: Drake
    Bad dialogue/writing: Ernest (Hemingway wasn't my favorite author, to say the least).
    unoriginal plot: John (I like John but it's overused).
    Other: Wendell

    Second son:
    Do you read fiction or nonfiction more?
    Fiction: Harry
    Nonfiction: Malcolm
    An equal mix of both: Stephen
    I said I wouldn't think about middle names...but things changed, and now I'm working on combos for all my favorites.

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    DH: Oliver
    DW: Deirdre

    First daughter: Astrid

    Second daughter: Ravenna

    First son: Drake

    Second son: Harry
    simone. teenberry. body mods. ravenclaw. aries. infp.

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    [buachaillí] sebastian ambrose miles ▽ alexander seamus drew ▽ dashiell james brendon

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    DH: Theodore
    DW: Scarlet

    DD: Hermione
    DD: Ravenna "Enna"
    DS: John
    DS: Harry

    Theodore and Scarlet, with: Hermione, Enna, John, & Harry.
    Wholocked, history and chemistry loving teenberry (16).
    Hoping to be a mummy in the very distant future. Dreaming of...
    Pandora Valencia FaeEvanthe Lyra Annabeth
    Little Misses
    Caspian Sherlock WalterPhoenix Arthur Blaise
    Mister Men

    Crushing on... ✦ SallyMedea/MedeiaRosaLukaIndigoHamish
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."
    • Mycroft Holmes • Sherlock (BBC) • His Last Vow •

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