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Thread: Cheerful Names?

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    Cheerful Names?

    I find myself drawn increasingly to girls' names that are in no particular order:

    * hearty
    * cheery
    * lively
    * bouncy
    * old-fashioned

    Some of these are more substantial sounding than others (Eleanor or Marjorie for example) while others are perkier sounding (Polly or Lolly for example).

    I am wondering three things.

    1) What names do you group in this category?
    2) Are cheerful names a favorite of yours and why?
    3) Or if not, what mood is created by the names you do like?

    I feel I like these names because life is hard and if your name is pleasant (indeed I love the name Pleasant) then you at least have that comfort.

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    For me, a cheerful name would be Poppy, Sunday...Nell has been growing on me quite a lot lately.

    I like cheerful names, but I think my favorite names give off a very calm & relaxed feel. I think of Celia, Rosie, Louisa, Jocelyn etc. in this category.

    I like cheerful, and I also have a few favorites that are very lively & spunky (Philippa, Aurelia...really the nickname Rae), but I love calm & sweet above all.

    Great question! This was really interesting.

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    The names I like make me happy. I look for beauty, timelessness, strength, dignity, and good meaning, and unequivocal pronunciation based on spelling. The one nearly objective quality of a name is its sound. I try to focus on the beauty of the sound rather than the vintage of its era. For example, Pauline & Amethyst sound beautiful to me but Edith & Agnes do not.

    * hearty
    * cheery
    * lively
    * bouncy
    * old-fashioned
    Suggestions for you:
    Ramona, Beatrix, Cicely, Deirdre, Constantina, Bernice, Margolette, Yolanda, Dolores, Bellamy, Vivienne, Maebry, Veronica, Hestia, Juno, Ruthie, Darcy, Penelope, Tansy, Tallulah, Sunshine, Bedelia, Audrey Bonnie, Jeanette, Gwendolyn, Genevieve.
    Jane Pepper | Meryl Autumn | Esther Ruby | Thea Rose
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    From my list, the names I consider cheerful include Amaryllis, Calliope, Clover, Elodie, Holiday, Livia, Marigold, Olympia, Ruby, and Zelda.
    ~ Larissa

    Olympia Primrose
    Waverly Claire ~ Amaryllis Joy
    Holiday Elise ~ Bellamy June ~ Seraphina Daisy
    Genevieve Scout ~ Romilly Violet ~ Laszlo Oliver ~ Darwin Blake
    Gideon Levi ~ Fisher Gray ~ Jasper Elias
    Simon Apollo ~ Orlando Archer
    Phineas Jack

    Crushing hard... Saylor Adeline ... Mazarine Alice ... Penrose Elizabeth

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    Oh, and I totally agree with @twinsage on Gwendolen and Bonnie
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    Poppy & Walter
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