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    ... and either Lillian [something something] "Lily", Eleni Charlotte Jane "Leni", Charlotte [something something] "Lottie", Catherine [something something] "Kit/Cate", Emmeline Poppy [something] "Emmy", or even Eva Madelief [something] "Evie/Eva" (possibly even Evie Roo or Eve-Claire/Evie-Claire, if I used Ruby or Claire as the second middle).

    And alas. Yes, my list is in shambles, thanks for asking.
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    Clara Primrose - this would have been my sons name if he'd been a girl. Of all the sweet vintage names I love, Clara feels perfect. Familiar but not overused, classy but without trying too hard, pretty but serious. And I just love saying it. Primrose is a little unexpected but compliments Clara well.

    Matilda Claire - this is my top name for a second child. I love how Matilda is a strong name with a lot of history but with a slightly quirky, fanciful feel. Exactly like my sons name. I love that there would be a choice of nicknames too (Tilly/Tilda). I love Claire now that it's not in use much.

    Felicity Emme - I love how Felicity sounds aloud, I love the nickname Fliss and the meaning is wonderful (happiness, fortune).

    Harriet Emma - this name feels really adaptable to me. She can be British upper class but also a tom-boy. She can be playful and fun or mature and serious. She's a character from Jane Austen but also a modern girl. She's a sweet little girl with pigtails skipping to school, your favourite grandmother and everything in between.

    Vivienne Rosa - so lady-like and pretty. Very grown up for a little girl, like trying on her mothers stilettos and costume jewellery but so precious and adorable. I heard of a baby Vivienne recently and my heart melted, such a beautiful choice.

    Ezra Michael - my son's name. My husband picked Ezra out of a very long list so it means a lot to me that it was his favourite. I was drawn to the biblical character, the scribe and prophet. It gives the name a serious, historical side. I imagine a studious little boy but the Z in it keeps it feeling fresh and lively. I love that it is still very underused but nods towards modern trends. Michael is a family name so is important to me but also a time-tested name that fits like an old pair of comfy jeans.

    Jude Benjamin - my top pick for a second son. It has many of the same qualities as Ezra, with a sophisticated side and a young trendy side, with biblical roots. Another short, snappy name.

    Theodore Edmund - this sounds slightly pretentious but Theo is a fresh, usable nickname although far too popular in my area. Edmund has special meaning for me and the whole name sounds so gentlemanly and just makes me swoon.

    Jonah Gabriel - this has moved down my list a bit recently but both names have that strong biblical base with a fresh, modern feel. Jonah sounds like such a bouncy name with a lot of energy.

    Otis - I can't use this as it doesn't go with my last name so haven't put any thought into middle names but i really want to see it used more! Seems like a perfect name to me.

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