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  • Lydia

    24 28.92%
  • Nora

    28 33.73%
  • Millie

    14 16.87%
  • Eve (nn Evie)

    17 20.48%
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    Baby due in 4 weeks, please vote on a name! :)

    Well I really thought we would have a name picked by now, but we definitely don't. Please tell me which name is your favorite. Our last name starts with an A (as in Anderson) and is three syllables. Sisters names are Claire and Ella.

    Eve (nn Evie)


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    Nora is personally my favorite of the bunch but I think Millie fits the best.

    With Lydia and Nora you get the repeating -ah sounds from Ella, so Claire seems out of place either of those sibsets.
    The only reason I wouldn't choose Eve which is otherwise fresh and adds new sounds to the sibset is because I don't like having repeating letters, especially when you already have a child whose name doesn't start with that letter.
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    On their own, Eve would probably be my favourite (followed by Millie) but I'm not keen on the shared initial. Lydia and Nora would work but I think they make Claire seem like the odd one out. Millie (or Milly) is a lovely name and would fit in well with her sisters.
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    Our oldest is a boy, whose name starts with a C. So we already have a shared initial in the sibset, FYI!

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    Bump for some comments!

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