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    The Avery Family

    DH (39): Brecken James
    DW (38): Cassandra Ann "Cass"

    DS (14): Deacon James
    DS (11): Emmett Hugo
    DD (9): Finleigh Katherine "Finn"
    DS/DS (5): Graham Tate / Haden Theo
    DS (3): Ivan Louis

    The Judd-Jefferson Family

    DH (33): Keiffer Penn Judd "Keiffer"
    DH (30): Lowell Edward Jefferson

    DD (6): Margot Caroline
    DS (2): Neil Grant

    The Oakley Family
    DH (45): Phillip Oscar
    DW (42): Roslyn Maya

    DD (19): Sienna Darcy
    DD/DD (15): Thalia Eleanor / Taylor Sophia
    DS (13): Van Leonard
    DS/DS (9): Zane Willis / Asher Winston

    The Buxley Family

    DH (28): Carrigan Humphrey "Carey"
    DW (28): Daphne Isobel

    DD/DS/DD (6): Esme Harper / Fulton Hugh / Gracelin Honoria
    DD (nb): Helena Ivy
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

    Aurelie Grace • Ottilie Skye • Charlotte Evangeline • Emmeline Kate

    Asher Graham • William Alec • Benjamin Kai • Finley James

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    DH: Brendan Michael Andrews [34]
    DW: Casey Diane Andrews [33]
    DS: Dean Gregory Andrews [10]
    DS: Elijah Jude Andrews [8]
    DD: Faith Elisabeth Andrews [5]
    DS/DS: Hunter Owen Andrews & Gabriel Lucas Andrews [3]
    DS: Isaac David Andrews [1]
    "Brendan, Casey, Dean, EJ, Faith, Hunter, Gabe, & Isaac"
    DH: Keith Alexander Jackson [27]
    DH: Lucas Aiden Jackson [26]
    DD: Madeleine Rose Jackson [2]
    DS: Noah David Jackson [nb]
    "Keith, Luke, Maddie, & Noah"
    DH: Philip Michael O'Leary [30]
    DW: Rosa Claire O'Leary [30]
    DD: Skyanna Mae O'Leary [6]
    DD/DD: Thalia Blair O'Leary & Taylor Grace O'Leary [5]
    DS: William Tyler O'Leary [2]
    DS/DS: Alexander Levi O'Leary & Zachariah David O'Leary [4 months]
    "Philip, Rosa, Sky, Thalia, Grace, Liam, Alec, & Zach"
    DH: Christian Michael Bauer [22]
    DW: Danielle Evelyn Bauer [21]
    DD/DS/DD: Emmeline Claire Bauer, Felix Evan Bauer, & Gemma Marie Bauer [2]
    DD: Hazel Ann Bauer [nb]
    "Christian, Dani, Claire, Felix, Gemma, & Hazel"
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), Expecting two little bundles of joy (1/15/16)

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    LN: Atkins
    DH: Brendan Baxter Atkins (37)
    DW: Caroline Casey Atkins (37)
    -DS: Deacon Douglas Atkins (13)
    -DS: Emmett Ellis Atkins (11)
    -DD: Fern Fiona Atkins (10)
    -DS/DS: Grayson Graham Atkins and Harrison Hayes Atkins (5)
    -DS: Isaiah Ives Atkins (3)

    LN: Jansen
    DH: Keith Kennan Jansen (32)
    DH: Laramie Lyle Jansen (34)
    -DD: Maia Madeleine Jansen (5)
    -DS: Nico Nathaniel Jansen (1)

    LN: Oakley
    DH: Pierce Palmer Oakley (40)
    DW: Roslyn Ryenne Oakley (40)
    -DD: Sofie Sierra Oakley (17)
    -DD/DD: Tenley Thalia Oakley and Teegan Tena Oakley (15)
    -DS: Wyatt William Oakley (12)
    -DS/DS: Zane Zaden Oakley and Alexander Adam Oakley (9)

    LN: Bauer
    DH: Corbin Calvin Bauer (27)
    DW: Delaney Daisy Bauer (25)
    -DD/DS/DD: Eloise Emmeline Bauer, Finn Felix Bauer, Gwen Gemma Bauer (1)

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