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    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    There are four homes on a quiet Cul De Sac in Logandale.

    LN: Andrews
    DH: Brogan Lysander
    DW: Cassidy Faith
    DS: Dawson Everett
    DS: Elias Heath
    DD: Farrah Noelle
    DS/DS: Gavin Jonah / Graham Wesley
    DS: Ian Ryley

    LN: Jansen
    DH: Kennan Peak
    DH: Lyle Davis
    DD: Meredith Rose
    DS: Noah Dove

    LN: Oliver
    DH: Patrick Samuel
    DW: Roslyn Grace
    DD: Sierra Daphne
    DD/DD: Tressa Belle / Timber Josette
    DS: Vaughn Sherlock
    DS/DS: Abel / Zellan

    LN: Bauer
    DH: Corbin Sean
    DW: Dahlia Louisa
    DD/DS/DD: Gwen Azalea / Frost Atlas / Elsie Fawn
    DD: Hazel Ray

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    There are four homes on a quiet Cul De Sac in Arlington, TX

    LN: Andrews

    DH: Brendan Joseph
    DW: Cassandra Leanne

    DS: Dalton Joseph
    DS: Easton David
    DD: Faith Annabel
    DS/DS: Grayson Philip / Harrison Caleb
    DS: Ian Nathaniel

    Brendan and Cassie Andrews
    Dalton, Easton, Faith, Grayson, Harrison and Ian

    LN: Jeffries

    DH: Kennan Scott
    DH: Lyle Dominic

    DD: Maia Scotlyn
    DS: Noah Donovan

    Kennan and Lyle Jeffries
    Maia and Noah

    LN: O'Neil

    DH: Patrick Aidan
    DW: Regan Kay

    DD: Sienna Rose
    DD/DD: Taylor Joanne / Teegan Dianne
    DS: Wyatt Aidan
    DS/DS: Asher Zechariah / Zane Andrew

    Patrick and Regan O'Neil
    Sienna, Taylor, Teegan, Wyatt, Asher and Zane

    LN: Burke

    DH: Christian Josiah
    DW: Danielle Elizabeth

    DD/DS/DD: Emmeline Alice / Elisha Bentley / Evelyn Charlotte
    DD: Hallie Delilah

    Christian and Danielle Burke
    Emmy, Eli, Evie and Hallie
    Current Favorites
    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
    Grant Harrison / Levi Charles / Reid Samuel

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    There are four homes on a quiet Cul De Sac in Allport, Pennsylvania.

    LN: Awley
    DH: Baxter Julian Awley
    DW: Cali Elise (Ashland) Awley
    DS: Dawson Pierce Awley
    DS: Everett Jude Awley
    DD: Finleigh Tara Awley
    DS/DS: Graham Jonas Awley and Hayes Hunter Awley
    DS: Isaac Peter Awley

    Baxter and Cali with Dawson, Rett, Finleigh, Graham, Hayes, and Isaac

    LN: James-Jeffries
    DH: Kylan Edward James-Jeffries
    DH: Lucas Lyle James-Jeffries
    DD: Maia Mirielle James-Jeffries
    DS: Noah Nelson James-Jeffries

    Kylan and Lucas with Maia and Noah

    LN: Oakley
    DH: Preston John Oakley
    DW: Ryenne Marie (Orson) Oakley
    DD: Savana Shaelyn Oakley
    DD/DD: Thalia Tena Oakley and Teegan Taya Oakley
    DS: Wyatt Wallace Oakley
    DS/DS: Zeffen Zaden Oakley and Abel August Oakley

    Preston and Ryenne with Sav, Hali, Teegan, Wyatt, Zef, and Abel

    LN: Bexley
    DH: Casey Corbin Bexley
    DW: Dianna Katherine (Brown) Bexley
    DD/DS/DD: Emmeline Louise Bexley, Finn Jackson Bexley, and Eryn Gabrielle Bexley
    DD: Harlie Carolina Bexley

    Casey and Di with Emmylou, Finn, Eryn, and Harlie
    Emmylou, Erica, Rydel, Brinlie, Maia, Georgia, Finley, Kambree

    Keegan, Riker, Ross, Luke, Ryan, Ellington, Shor, Ashton

    Teenberry, R5er, and I like buying stuff with my name on it.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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