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Thread: Marcella....

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    What do you think of Marcella? I've recently only paid attention to it and it's growing on me! I think the nn Marcie is very sweet for a little girl.

    What impression does it give and what names can you see it 'going with'?

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    I love this name! I've adored Marcie for a very long time and was thinking of longer versions and fell in love with Marcella. I picture an adorable, blonde haired, blue eyed sweetheart but I can also picture a total tomboy, who wears dungarees and plays in the mud.

    I think it gives a sweet impression and it's a name that is familiar but uncommon to use. I think it's a very versatile name and can easily fit alongside the top 100 as well as names of its similar popularity.

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    I think Marcella is beautiful and it would be on my list, but I personally prefer Marceline, and I can't use both!

    Marcie is an adorable nickname. I like Mara as a nickname for it too
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    I really like Marcella! At work the other day a family came in and the father mentioned the one daughters name as Marcella. I was very pleased if not a little shocked. It's delicate but not too frou frou.
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    I love Marcella. I have a character named Marcella "Marcie", and even though she hates the nn, I love the nn Marcie. I think it fits in with modern trends but still is a real standout. It's an awesome choice.
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