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    A single boys name suggestion

    If you could only give me one suggestion for a boys name* to go with brother Emery Franklin and sister Olive Georgina, what would it be?

    *I'll consider a first and middle combo as one name as well.
    My little bear, bunny and dove:

    Emery Franklin, Olive Georgina & Bonnie Lenora

    June - Stella - Hazel - Diana - Hugo - Reid - Jasper - Teddy

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    Florence Afton Eugenia & Rosalind Eva Louise

    Hermione Aria Clare Adeline Fox Lily Octavia Jane Marina Ondine
    Temperance Lily Marie Elisa Vivienne Amélie Jane Ottilie Fleur

    August Joel Findlay Hugo Keats Theodore Caspian Grey Gideon Kai
    Atticus Marlowe Magnus Reid Alexander Sidney Everett Nestor Olivas

    Trying out:
    Albus Peregrine & Tatiana Carys

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    Emery, Olive, and Hollis.

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    As in a previous thread, I like Adler Hugo.

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