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    Brilliant?! or Tragic? :-/

    I have thought of a name that I like all the individual pieces of but I feel I'm worried that there is one glaring problem with it.

    Lyra Rosemary Cate H.

    The Cate part is after my mother and I: Cathy and Caitlin.

    Rosemary is sort of a family name--my husband's grandmother's cousin, who was like a sister to her, since she was an only child. I also like the "rose" part for a woman named Rosa who was like a surrogate grandparent to me, and "mary" is my best friend's middle name.

    The glaring problem is that both Rosemary and Mary Kate are double-barrel type names so to string them together might sound odd. What do you think? I feel like people will have strong emotions about a name like this--either love it or hate it.

    Another idea I had was Lyra Persephone Cate, which I like a lot, but it's a mouthful.
    Argh. I don't know.
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    I love it Lyra is a stunning name and the combination of the names flows beautifully
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    First off, I love Lyra! It's one of my favourites. I also really like both your Lyra combinations, but slightly prefer Lyra Persephone Cate. However, it's obvious that having Rosemary as a middle has way more significance, and it's a really lovely combo. I definitely didn't see the Rosemary and Mary Kate thing, although that may be because the Mary in Rosemary comes out more like Marie when I say it. Anyway I think Lyra Rosemary Cate is a brilliant combo, which is made even better by the fact it's so important to you.
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    I read the first sentence of your post and wondered what the issue was. I gave up and read on. I didn't see or hear the Mary Kate issue at all. I would definitely go with Lyra Rosemary Cate H. You really can't lose with a name that has so much meaning to you. As you and your mom get older, it will have even more meaning to you.

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    Lyra Rosemary Cate is lovely!
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