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    Create-A-Daughter [CAD]


    C-A-D! In a fancy font!

    Use this die:

    What is your name?
    What is your husband’s name?

    What’s your last name?

    How many children will you have? Roll the die.

    Her age? Roll the die.

    Her hair color? Roll the die.

    1 or 2: Black
    3 or 4: Dark brown
    5 or 6: Light brown
    7 or 8: Dirty blonde
    9 or 10: Honey blonde
    11 or 12: Ash blonde
    13 or 14: Platinum blonde
    15 or 16: Deep red
    17 or 18: Bright red
    19 or 10: Strawberry blonde

    Her hair type? Roll the die.

    1 or 2: Loose, thick curls
    3 or 4: Tight curls
    5 or 6: Wild, tangly curls
    7 or 8: Thin and straight
    9 or 10: Thick and straight
    11 or 12: Thin and wavy
    13 or 14: Thick and wavy
    15 or 16: Puffy and curly
    17 or 18: Puffy
    19 or 10: Your choice

    Her hair cut? Roll the die.

    1 or 2: Long, with forehead bangs
    3 or 4: Short, with forehead bangs
    5 or 6: Medium with forehead bangs
    7 or 8: Long with side bangs
    9 or 10: Medium with side bangs
    11 or 12: Short with side bangs
    13 or 14: Long, no bangs
    15 or 16: Medium, no bangs
    17 or 18: Poor, no bangs
    19 or 10: Pixie

    Her eye color? Roll the die.

    1 or 2: Black
    3 or 4: Dark brown
    5 or 6: Light brown
    7 or 8: Hazel-Brown
    9 or 10: Hazel-Green
    11 or 12: Blue-Green
    13 or 14: Dark blue
    15 or 16: Light blue
    17 or 18: Violet
    19 or 10: Amber

    Her skin tone? Roll the die.

    1 or 2: Light
    3 or 4: Light with freckles
    5 or 6: Medium
    7 or 8: Medium with freckles
    9 or 10: Dark
    11 or 12: Dark with freckles
    13 or 14: Very light
    15 or 16: Very light with freckles
    17 or 18: Very dark
    19 or 10: Very dark with freckles.

    Her name? Roll once for a first name, once for a middle

    1. [1910 Names]
    2. [Vintage Names]
    3. [Royal Names]
    4. [Romantic Names]
    5. [Artist Names]
    6. [Big Apple Names]
    7. [British Girl Names]
    8. [Vintage Nicknames]
    9. [Operatic Names]
    10. [Rock Star Names]
    11. [Katherine Variations]
    12. [Italian Names]
    13. [Irish Names]
    14. [Helen Variations]
    15. [Goddess Names]
    16. [Ancient Culture Names]
    17. [Celestial Names]
    18. [Inspirational Names]
    19. [Southern Names]
    20. [Winter Names]

    Her personality? Roll dice three times.

    1. Honest
    2. Light-hearted
    3. Thoughtful
    4. Studious
    5. Inventive
    6. Creative
    7. Artistic
    8. Athletic
    9. Responsible
    10. A dreamer
    11. Energetic
    12. Intelligent
    13. Cheerful
    14. Cooperative
    15. Loveable
    16. Joyful
    17. Strong
    18. Brave
    19. Neat
    20. Ambitious

    Her personality? Roll dice three times.

    1. Shy
    2. Quiet
    3. Humble
    4. Friendly
    5. Proper
    6. Bossy
    7. Witty
    8. Lazy
    9. Selfish
    10. Conceited
    11. Mischievous
    12. Imaginative
    13. Adventurous
    14. Hard-working
    15. A natural leader
    16. Funny
    17. Daring
    18. Reserved
    19. Messy
    20. A short fuse

    Her interests? Roll the dice three times.

    1. Writing poetry
    2. Drawing
    3. Soccer
    4. Basketball
    5. Field Hockey
    6. Math
    7. Cheerleading
    8. Baton Twirling
    9. Writing novels
    10. Painting
    11. Softball
    12. Debate
    13. School work
    14. Reading
    15. Cooking
    16. Science
    17. Dancing
    18. LEGOs
    19. Architecture
    20. Psychology

    List your daughters here!

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    What is your name? Katherina Pippa Blake (Katie)
    What is your husband’s name? Calloway Maxfield (Cal)

    How many children will you have? 4

    DD1: Libby Cassia
    ——12 years old
    ——Thin, wavy honey blonde hair (medium, no bangs)
    ——Hazel-brown eyes
    ——Medium, freckled skin
    ——Honest, responsible, artistic
    ——Hardworking, imaginative, shy
    ——Likes: Psychology, drawing, school work
    DD2: Amalia Caroline (Mia)
    ——6 years old
    ——Thick, wavy dark brown hair (medium, side bangs)
    ——Hazel-brown eyes
    ——Very light skin
    ——Joyful, cooperative, studious
    ——Shy, mischievous, funny
    ——Likes: painting, architecture, field hockey
    DD3: Chelsea Monet
    ——15 years old
    ——Thick, straight bright red hair (medium, no bangs)
    ——Light brown eyes
    ——Medium, freckled skin
    ——Thoughtful, ambitious, cheerful
    ——Hardworking, humble, short fuse
    ——Likes: drawing, reading, field hockey
    DD4: Katie Jane
    ——4 years old
    ——Thick, curly platinum blonde hair (long, no bangs)
    ——Hazel-green eyes
    ——Light, freckled skin
    ——Cooperative, intelligent, inventive
    ——Bossy, daring, mischievous
    ——Poems, drawing, cheerleading

    Libby, Mia, Chelsea, Katie
    I wasn't really sure if we were supposed to do one or multiples so i just did a bunch
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    DH: Coltrane Griffith Frost
    DW: Elizabella Grey Frost (Liza)

    DD: Nova Josephine (6)
    Appearance: long, thick & wavy honey blonde hair; blue-green eyes; light skin with freckles
    Personality: Strong, thoughtful, joyful, mischievous, daring, friendly
    Interests: drawing, painting, soccer

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    LN: Moore

    DH: Malachy Bay
    DW: Elizabella Valentine

    Katherine Josephine (19)
    *Deep red, puffy and curly hair
    *Long with side bangs
    *Amber eyes
    *Medium skin
    *Light-hearted, inventive & Cooperative
    *Funny, imaginative & witty
    *Dancing, cheerleading & Reading

    Athena Nova (16)
    *Strawberry blonde, thick, straight hair
    *Long with side bangs
    *Light brown eyes
    *Light Skin
    *Ambitious, cooperative & strong
    *Reserved, Messy & selfish
    *LEGOs, Basketball & Writing novels

    Adelaide Giovanna (14)
    *Strawberry blonde, tight curly hair
    *Long with forehead bangs
    *Light blue eyes
    *Light skin with freckles
    *Cooperative, artistic & light-hearted
    *Shy, a natural leader & mischievous
    *Drawing, basketball & science

    Waverly Honor (13)
    *Strawberry blonde, thick, straight hair
    *Medium with no bangs
    *Hazel-brown eyes
    *Light Skin
    *Studious, energetic & thoughtful
    *Proper, messy & imaginative
    *Softball, debate & math

    Olivia Charlotte (12)
    *Dirty blonde, thin, wavy hair
    *Medium with no bangs
    *Dark brown eyes
    *Light skin with freckles
    *Loveable, creative & brave
    *Quiet, mischievous & Conceited
    *Cheerleading, painting & soccer

    Valentina Elena (7)
    *Bright red, thin, straight hair
    *Medium with forehead bangs
    *Blue-green eyes
    *Medium skin
    *Strong, loveable & inventive
    *Friendly, quiet & funny
    *Math, school work & reading

    Seraphina Natalia (4)
    *Platinum blonde, puffy hair
    *Medium with forehead bangs
    *Violet eyes
    *Light Skin
    *Ambitious, honest & joyful
    *Reserved, selfish & adventurous
    *Cheerleading, softball & dancing

    Magnolia Rosalie (3)
    *Honey blonde, thin, wavy hair
    *Short with side bangs
    *Amber eyes
    *Medium skin
    *Studious, energetic & artistic
    *Bossy, witty & daring
    *Reading, cooking & psychology

    Malachy & Elizabella, Katie Jo, Athena, Adelaide, Waverly, Olivia, Valentina, Seraphina & Magnolia

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    The Frost Family

    DH: Webster Balthazar "Webs" Frost
    DW: Albany Vita "Alba" Frost (Dryden)

    # of kids: 10

    DD1: Alice Winnie Frost
    -Age: 17
    -Hair: Black, thin & straight, long with forehead bangs
    -Eyes: Hazel-brown
    -Light skin tone
    -Personality: Cheerful, Ambitious, Daring
    -Interests: Baton Twirling, LEGOs, Writing poetry

    DD2: Chanel Tallulah Frost
    -Age: 17
    -Hair: Ash blonde with tight curls, medium with forehead bangs
    -Eyes: Blue-green
    -Light skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Strong, Honest, Imaginative
    -Interests: Debate, LEGOs, Psychology

    DD3: Adoria Willa "Dori" Frost
    -Age: 16
    -Hair: Platinum blonde with wild, tangly curls, short with side bangs
    -Eyes: Black
    -Dark skin tone
    -Personality: Light-hearted, A dreamer, Hard-working
    -Interests: LEGOs, Soccer, Cheerleading

    DD4: Chelsea Salome Frost
    -Age: 15
    -Hair: Strawberry blonde, thin & straight, long with side bangs
    -Eyes: Hazel-brown
    -Light skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Loveable, Cooperative, Quiet
    -Interests: Soccer, Cooking, Writing novels

    DD5: Coco Nora Frost
    -Age: 14
    -Hair: Strawberry blonde, thick & wavy, long with forehead bangs
    -Eyes: Violet
    -Very dark skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Joyful, Brave, Funny
    -Interests: Painting, School work, Softball

    DD6: Auden Sarah Frost
    -Age: 13
    -Hair: Black with wild, tangly curls, short with forehead bangs
    -Eyes: Violet
    -Medium skin tone
    -Personality: Loveable, A natural leader, Inventive
    -Interests: Drawing, Soccer, Psychology

    DD7: Blanche Libra Frost
    -Age: 12
    -Hair: Platinum blonde, thick & straight, pixie cut
    -Eyes: Light blue
    -Light skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Thoughtful, Studious, Witty
    -Interests: Cooking, Field Hockey, Baton Twirling

    DD8: Celestia Simonetta "Tia" Frost
    -Age: 10
    -Hair: Bright red, puffy & curly, long with side bangs
    -Eyes: Blue-green
    -Light skin tone
    -Personality: Studious, Thoughtful, Proper
    -Interests: Baton Twirling, Dancing, Soccer

    DD9: Clara Rhiannon Frost
    -Age: 2
    -Hair: Dark brown, thin & wavy, long with side bangs
    -Eyes: Light blue
    -Light skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Responsible (in the future), Joyful, Imaginative
    -Interests: Debate (in the future), Writing novels (in the future), LEGOs

    DD10: Frida Nonnie Frost
    -Age: 1
    -Hair: Dirty blonde with wild, tangly curls, medium with forehead bangs
    -Eyes: Blue-green
    -Very light skin tone with freckles
    -Personality: Loveable, A dreamer, A natural leader (in the future)
    -Interests: Baton Twirling (in the future), Debate (in the future), LEGOs

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