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    Leona or Lenora?

    Which name do you prefer for a girl, Leona or Lenora? Any particular reason why?
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    I like Leona better than Lenora (but I like both). To me, Lenora sounds kind of incomplete; like it should be Eleanora. Leona is beautiful and exotic, where Lenora is classy and sophisticated. I think Leona would be beautiful with Kaiser.
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    Lenora used to be on my list but eventually I didn't like it because it missed the mark (I was trying to find an alternative to Eleonora - which I felt was too much a mouthful). Lenora is a quiet flowing name. I still think it's pretty but it isn't strong like Leona.

    How about Leora or Leonie?
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    I prefer Lenora out of the two, but I like Leona better with Kaiser.
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    I prefer Lenora, it sounds stronger to me.
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