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    What Names Did You Used To Hate BUT Now Love!

    So is there any names you used to hate when you were younger or in general but for some reason now love so much?

    When I was younger I used to hate the name Miles and I don't know why! But now I'm fifteen years old I love the name now and would use it as a middle name for my future son. After watching the film Uncle Buck I noticed there was an adorable little boy in it with the name of Miles and now thanks to that film I now love the name.
    I also used to hate the name Maizy but now after watching the film Uncle Buck I now love the name and I think it's a really sweet name for a little girl. But I don't think I would use it.
    And I also used to hate the name Henry but now after watching the film The Good Son I now love the name! But I don't know if I would use it though.

    So is there any names you used to hate but now thanks to someone or something you now love the name?
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    Hmm. I seem to rarely change my mind for the better; it seems like once I hate a name, I hate it forever. There are a few names that I used to hate but am now indifferent to thanks to positive associations: Eleanor and Meghan/Megan come to mind.

    The only name that I used to really hate and now love is my name, Gwendolyn/Gwen. I still somewhat prefer just Gwen to my full name, but now I see the merits of Gwendolyn whereas before I used to loathe it.
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    This tends to happen when I hear the name on the other gender.

    Forest & Jasper- I've always thought they were OK for boys but I had no interest in using them. Someone on NB asked about Forest for a girl and on another site a mom posted about her teen daughter, Jasper. On boys Jasper & Forest were just names but when attached to a girl suddenly I pictured a lush forest and a gorgeous stone. Strangely, I just don't get that when these names are attached to boys

    Jade- I hate Jade for a girl but then the actress Garcelle Beauvais named her son Jaid. On a boy Jade feels so strong and beautiful. Plus, I always felt jade stones looked masculine

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    I didn't used to like clunky strong names but now I do: Magda, Judith, Esther, Maeva, Geraldine, Edith, Constance, Margolette, Olive.
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    This happens to me all the time! Mostly with super old-fashioned, semi-unwearable names, because those are the ones that I've developed a taste for.


    Also, now I see the appeal of names like Agnes, Agatha, Esther, and Edith, though I previously despised them.

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