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    Are these names redundant or ready for revival?

    In our search for a unique girls name that is a real name, not too trendy. I've come accross a couple of names I don't mind but could be a bit redundant but I still think they're spunky just not sure if I'd be willing to dust them off and revive them

    Helena (hel-ee-na pronunciation)

    What do you think?

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    I like Cara, Helena and Colette.
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    Nothing wrong with any of these names. I'm not crazy for Colette.
    I love Cara - not dusty at all!
    Erica and Sasha are fine, quite nice. Alexa/Alexia/Lexi is actually rather trendy here.
    My out and out favourite is the divine Helena - although I would pronounce either Hell-Enn-Ah or Hell-Ay-Nah
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    The only one I see as a little dusty is Erica, which reminds me of the 80's. Helena is my favorite but as another poster mentioned, I rather the Hel-ay-na pronunciation.
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    Well I know/have known an Erica, Cara, Erin, and Sasha, all around my age, so they don't seem dated or in need of revival to me. Alexa I see as quite modern, and I can imagine Helena fitting in fine, although I've never heard the Hel-ee-na pronunciation here. Colette is alright too, I can definitely imagine a little Colette.
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