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    I don't think Cato is too tied to the Hunger Games at all. I think only die hard fans are going to notice, and that would be tied to a certain age group I would imagine.
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    Thanks all. After reading everyones replies I do agree now that Cato probably isn't to Hunger Games like Finnick or Peeta.
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    Not at all. Cato is a great name to pluck from antiquity.
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    I agree with others that it's a legit name before the books/movies. It's not like Katniss or Renesmee. That being said, even though I've read all the books, Cato still first reminds me of the guy that was driving OJ Simpson in his white Bronco! Or maybe I'm just old.
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    Not too hunger games at all (have read them all a few times). Your child will make it their own anyway and you'll forget about the hunger games connection. Is a strong historical name that means intelligent/shrewd/all knowing. Many will associate it with roman history not hunger games!

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